May 20, 2013

Audio Damage Summer Sale...

by Chris Randall

When I was a little tyke, we went to visit my grandparents who lived in San Diego once. While we were there, I saw a television commercial (once, natch) that was so powerful in its delivery that I remember it verbatim to this day. A Google search shows me that this was apparently a well-known commercial series, fondly remembered by all that saw it. I can't find the specific commercial I remember, but here's a compendium of a whole bunch of them with the same general theme.

Caveat Emptor: that is quite possibly the E-Bola virus of ear worms. You've been warned.

All this by way of saying that my failings in the marketing vein are manifold and obvious. I am, in every way possible, the exact opposite of the marketing genius that put those commercials together. All I know is this: you kids like you some sales. So we're having one. Hit the Audio Damage store and enter the code HOTINHERRE at checkout for 30% off your entire order. I'll stand upon my head 'til my ears are turnin' red.

EDIT: Sale all done. Thanks all! Now it's time to go fuel up the Gulfstream and fly off to my private volcano lair to work on the next product.


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May.24.2013 @ 11:43 AM
Alan Tomlinson
With respect to the late Mr. Jobs and his flight expenses, while I carry no brief for him, or for the corporations he ran, I would suggest that the DODs expenses for flying Gulfstream Vs are probably a good deal lower than those of private operators since the DOD has many metric fuck-tons of pilots and mechanics who work very cheaply compared to the private sector.


Alan Tomlinson

P.S. Flying in a private jet is a tremendous way to tell the world, I've got mine, fuck you.

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