November 17, 2005

The Long Song...

by Chris Randall

Over at Positron! Records, the parent site of Analog Industries, we do a bi-monthly podcast that usually contains either music from the Positron! Catalog or unreleased material by the various members of the Positron! Galaxy Of Stars.

For some reason, for the new podcast, I got a wild hare (hair? I'm pretty sure it's a hare, not a hair) up my ass to do a single 30-minute song. I wrote it over two days, and recorded it in a single pass, which also included the "live" vocoder and keyboard parts, which I played during the pass. A couple edits later, and it was done. It ended up being 23 minutes long, because I took out a section which didn't work.

This was an interesting way to work; I normally spend several weeks on each track, so it was odd to just blast away at such a long piece of music. I think it ended up being pretty good, all things considered. I change keys several times during the track, but stay at the same brisk tempo (170) except a couple parts where I drop to half-time. (Back in my punk days, these would be the "mosh" sections.) I had to pre-record most of the modular stuff, because my modular isn't big enough to hold more than one sophisticated patch.

But all that aside, when you're used to working in the three to four minute neck of the woods, actually setting out to write a track that is a half hour long, especially at such a clip, isn't too easy. A good brain-stretching exercise.




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