November 16, 2005

P2K In the Hiz-Nouse...

by Chris Randall

Got my shiney new (old) Prophet 2000 today. It is in 100% perfect working order, and is actually about 9/10 cosmetically. Since I plan to mainly use this as a controller, and not a sampler (what an old-fashioned term that is...) I was mostly concerned with the keybed and how it played. Man, these guys knew how to build 'em.

This box definitely has one of the all-time great keybeds. Just enough sponge to feel firm, but it's not too hard on the fingers for someone not piano-trained. The much-lauded filters are typical CEM. Nothing to write home about, I don't think. If I had this unit back in the day when I cared about samplers, I would have no doubt been pleased. I inexplicably went the S-50 route, and graduated from that to an Emax 2 HD, so I missed out on the Prophet 2000 Bus. I did use a Prophet 3000 quite a bit in the early nineties, but it was buggy and kind of dated for the time I was using it.

I tried throwing in and mapping some samples just for fun. Easy as pie, and it is smooth on the ears, I'll grant that.




Nov.16.2005 @ 10:02 PM
the harvestman
Nice, the sequential keyboards of that time were REALLY great. I use a VS as my main controller.

Nov.16.2005 @ 10:13 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
Klaus Schulze used a P2k as a controller for a long time until he got the Wall of Quasimidi because it felt good, and in the event of total computer failure (which never happened because he used a Falcon030) it's arpeggiator could be used to save his ass.

a good lesson to laptop musicians who rely of computer sequencing.

for example, i retained the MS2000 for the longest time because in case Numerology gave up the ghost (which never happened because it is the most stable MIDI sequencer in the universe, but the Apple Store _did_ manage to destroy the boot sector on my Pismo right before a gig ... which triggered this ensuing response) i could just de-couple the MS2000 from MIDI clock sync and run sequences off that and make loops with the PCM-80 and play pads with the Z1.

i had to sell the MS2k for financial reasons (yeah. pathetic. don't remind me.) and i've been nervous about playing a gig ever since.

in the meantime i have my tabletop FIZZMO to keep me company.

Klaus also apparently had a cello sample on the P2k which he liked alot. this was of course before his E4K keyboard and Quasimidi wall.


Nov.17.2005 @ 11:22 AM
penzoil washington
an early Ensoniq might also make a great controller. Many of them after the ESQ1 had POLY aftertouch, which you never see.

Nov.17.2005 @ 11:45 AM
Adam Schabtach
They had poly aftertouch, but they also had a kind of weird feel IMHO. I'm not sure I'd seek one out just for that feature, after owning both an EPS and a VFX SD. (Both are long departed from my rig. I don't miss the EPS--it sounded awful--but now and then I have fond memories of the VFX. I ended up buying a DP/4 not too long ago just for the Ensoniq 8-Voice Chorus algorithm.)

Nov.17.2005 @ 7:08 PM
Just for clarity: the ESQ1 doesn't have aftertouch - well mine doesn't, tho' machines after that might have. I really miss aftertouch and have often thought of trading in the ESQ1 for a controller with it. But other than Chris I can't find anyone who wants/wanted one. And I'm pretty sure Chris wouldn't have wanted to pay the cross-pacific shipping to get mine to him....(As well as being 240volt powered).



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