September 21, 2012

Various And Sundry...

by Chris Randall

It's that time again, my bi-annual Gear Catharsis. This time, however, I'm going nearly to the bare walls. I'm basically only keeping the Virus and the Maschine, and starting fresh. To save the usual go-round about why one would do such a thing, please refer to one of the previous lengthy discussions on the topic, littered throughout the years of this site's existence.

Anyhow, to get the party started, the above-pictured item is first on the block. 'Tis a Doepfer 6U portable case, chock full of modular mania. Well, not so manic, actually. It is a comprehensive starter system we purchased during the R&D phase of our ill-fated foray in to Things Euro. If you can't tell what's in it, and it's important to know, drop me a line and I'll pop the complete list over. The actual retail cost of this system, if purchased today from Analog Haven, is $2847.50. It is essentially brand new. Make me an offer I can't refuse, and that doesn't embarrass either of us, and it's yours. I'll ship it both hither and yon, if you're willing to cough up the coin for the true shipping cost. (Keep in mind that it is quite heavy, and if you live in, say, East Timor or some shit, you're gonna want to buy local.) I have absolutely zero interest in selling individual modules, so don't bother asking. If there are no takers for the complete system, that's what I'll do, of course, but don't bother writing me about it until I've said I'm doing it here. Once this is out of the way, I'll put up a complete list of the other shit that is leaving, but if there's a particular thing I have you're interested in, go ahead and hit me up.

In other news, research is progressing on the Rathakan front (the touchscreen app.) I seem to have coded myself in to a cul-de-sac; I was, as of this afternoon, about 6 hours away from being to do a demonstration video. However, things have gotten away from me, and I'm considering starting over. As soon as I'm done digesting dinner, I'll take another crack at it. I'm currently heavily medicated, awaiting a trip to the dentist, so my ability to do OpenGL front-ends for Max/MSP is curtailed somewhat.

Finally, Adam is on his usual trip to Japan this week, so the next Audio Damage product is on hold until he gets back, but we're pretty close to a working example. This one is firmly in the "FSU" category. In fact, it kind of ownz0rs that category. It is the most F of all our FSU products, by a long shot. I look forward to the puzzled comments.

So, how's your week been?


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Sep.22.2012 @ 2:55 PM
Chris Randall
We decided against it, because it'd be a stupid thing for us to do.


Sep.24.2012 @ 11:42 AM
F.ull S.ausage U.ndies....?

Sep.24.2012 @ 3:20 PM
Clearly FSU = F*ck Sh*t Up.

Sep.24.2012 @ 4:13 PM
Sorry - missed the correct version on the previous page... though Frippertronic Sound Unbinding also might work.

Sep.24.2012 @ 4:49 PM
@Jason Duerr: Maschine requires a CPU as well. Maybe less "mouse" twiddling, and having to actually touch the CPU keyboard, but you are not going far with that without a computer as well. I have the maschine, and I like it, but the GUI to me is not as friendly as I would like it. Different strokes for different folks, but I find it a bit clumsy, and I have had the thing since it's inception. I tried out the maligned Spark last week, and I was surprised how well the interface was laid out. I found myself coming up with more ideas quickly and with more control then I have had with the Maschine in 31/2 years or whatever it has been.... I did not do any head to head sonic comparison of say 909 kits or anything, it just felt more immediately musical to me. But that could just be me.... I do love NI products, but I really want to sit down with their interface designers for a couple of days...

Sep.24.2012 @ 6:08 PM
"We decided against it, because it'd be a stupid thing for us to do.


I can think of more times that I wish I'd done this, than times that I did.

Sep.25.2012 @ 11:52 AM
Alan Tomlinson
@ppgwave How do you pronounce "*"?


Alan Tomlinson

Sep.25.2012 @ 8:10 PM
@Alan: It's a "click" sound, like bushmen language. ;->

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