November 14, 2005

Viral Marketing 101

by Chris Randall

So TC Electronics just put up an interview with Jon Burton, the FOH engineer for The Prodigy. If you look closely at the photo above, which heads the interview, you'll notice that what's on the screen is pointedly _not_ a PowerCore plugin, but rather our own little DubStation.

Jon also mentions us in the interview, which is really nice of him. To wit: ?A lot of bands are experimenting with using software live, essentially trying to translate the song material into a live format. This doesn't always work? - Jon Burton explains - ?because a lot of software plug-ins simply aren't good enough. Only within the last year, things have started to improve with the PowerCore platform and stuff like the Audio Damage plug-ins.?

It's nice to be held in such lofty company, I'll grant. I'll also note that Jon purchased all our products; we didn't give him anything for free for the mentions. He uses DubStation and Discord for live vocal processing.




Nov.14.2005 @ 1:00 PM
Wade Alin
Damn. Prodigy? Damn. I think this qualifies as A Pretty Big Deal.

Nov.14.2005 @ 1:16 PM
penzoil washington
nice. Is that powercore stuff any good? I did some Fireworx patches for them and thought that was the worst junk sonically.

Nov.14.2005 @ 1:44 PM
Chris Randall
Both Adam and Wade have PoCo cards. I don't, so I can't speak to it directly. I'm strictly Native.

I hear good things about almost all the PoCo plugs, though. The FireWorx is for chumps. Not a "pro" piece of gear at all. Most of the pro-audio TC stuff is _really_ good, and it would stand to reason that PoCo would fall in with that crowd.

Just give me my Princeton 'verb and I'm happy.



Nov.14.2005 @ 2:08 PM
Wade Alin
powercore, uhhh, it's okay. it comes with a lot of plugs i would deem as not much more than "filler." a basic compressor that looks but does not sound retro, a decent chorus/delay, a good reverb. it has certainly saved my ass when i'm in need of additional dsp.

i bought it specifically to run the sony oxford eq. the oxford eq is top notch. as are most of the "optional" (that means you have to pay more for them!) plugins.


Nov.14.2005 @ 2:26 PM
Wow. Congratulations, your plugins deserve this!!!

Nov.14.2005 @ 2:34 PM
Adam Schabtach
I bought my Powercore Element for one thing: reverb. It does reverb really well. I agree with Wade that the other stuff is ho-hum. The soft synth is a joke: the synths that come with Cubase SX both sound better and use less CPU, and they're nothing to get excited about. (Yes, less CPU, even though they're not getting any help from a DSP chip.)

I may pony up for the Oxford EQ eventually, but I may instead add a UAD-1 card. Next time I have something that needs mastering I'll probably pick up the Finalizer thing for the PoCo.

In any case, yes, we at AD are pretty stoked about this unsolicited mention. I should run out and buy one of their CDs, I suppose.

I can't believe I just used the word "stoked".


Nov.14.2005 @ 3:26 PM
Chris, did you read the interview with the Korg designer behind OASYS, he made rather good remarks about your plugins.



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