November 13, 2005

Audio Damage Phase Two screen-shot...

by Chris Randall

Here is a screen shot of the final UI for Phase Two. If you click here, you can see it in full resolution. As you can see, we've stayed more or less true to the original. The only difference is that instead of the "PED" mod source, we've made it so you can assign any MIDI CC to that setting. Otherwise, it is pretty much exactly the same as the real thing. Still a few weeks away from being done on this.



Nov.13.2005 @ 4:46 PM
What is the difference between input A and iniput B in the plugin?

Nov.13.2005 @ 5:12 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, you get right to the rub of it straight away, huh?

This is the biggest problem we had with the cloning. How to do the routing? In a stereo->stereo context (as an insert on a stereo channel or as a stereo send) it works like this:

Input A -> Phasor A

And the B modes are such:

Input A -> L + R are summed, and both phasers get the same input

Output A -> L + R are summed, and Phasor B gets Phasor A output

Input B -> Phasor A gets left, Phasor B gets right.

In all cases, A outputs to left and B outputs to right.

Now, in a mono->stereo context (really only Logic), things get a bit more complicated. There is no Input B, so that one doesn't work. Input A and Output A work as you'd imagine.

In a mono->mono context, Phasor B doesn't work at all.

So, in short, it works exactly like the hardware. You can either use both inputs or one input, but the only way you're gonna get Phasor B is if you listen to the output. That was the simplest method we could come up with.

Most people will use it in a stereo context, so normally it will be Phasor A on input A and Phasor B on input B. That's the most obvious method, but we wanted to get as close to the hardware as possible, so we included the others.



Nov.14.2005 @ 8:32 PM
Looks great! Nice work.





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