November 13, 2005

Anyone need something _really_ ridiculous?

by Chris Randall

From the Portland Craig's List: this ad for a Yamaha DX-5. Don't see those around too often, and this seems to be in pretty good shape. $575 and a forklift takes it home. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind having one of these, if only for the conversation value. "Why don't you just have two DX7s?"

Might be a good addition to our theoretical Vintage Digital studio.




Nov.13.2005 @ 9:54 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
i used to own one. it was totally ghet-to (some keys didn't work, balanced outs fried, buttons gone, etc) so i sold it. it was payment for some Hammond organ repair i did for a music store.

when i re-bloat the studio i will get another one. they are totally amazing. the only DX you can _jam_ with.

here's the _one_ track i made with it while i owned it:

link []">link []

all you hear there are

- DX-5 in single mode with me tweaking parameters and turning ops on/off.

- low alpha juno sine bass for reinforcement (later on)

- MS2000 noise patch (later on)

- acetone rhythm ace samples on the S5k (later on)

- moog liberation drone (later on)

there's some editing, shown here: link []">link []

the "with Dan Hinkley" part in the title is because while i was outside smoking in the middle of the take (55 min jam or so) he started fiddling with Numerology, making the pattern in the "later on" part.

you actually made it this far? you get a gold star.


Nov.14.2005 @ 9:24 AM
penzoil washington
The DX1 is the mutha!
link []">link []

Nov.14.2005 @ 12:34 PM
with the DX series being notoriously difficult to program, does a DX-5 provide twice the pain and frustration? perhaps that's why Yamaha built them like tanks - "withstands all of your venting by being (mostly) resistant to drops, being thrown, and having objects thown at."

Nov.14.2005 @ 1:11 PM
penzoil washington
But Joshua, the DX1 has, like, GRAPHIC DISPLAYS of envelopes and such, gettin' all GUI on ya. Or get one of them Jellinghaus programmers for it.... ;)
link []">link []



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