February 28, 2012

Roland - The Synthesizer Pt. 2...

by Chris Randall

Here is the second of the four books in The Synthesizer. This one, Multichannel Recording For Electronic Music, is probably the least useful of the four, as the techniques described are almost entirely for a four-track tape context, and they simply don't translate to the modern DAW environment.

That said, the book is useful in two respects: first, as a primer for proper recording workflow, and secondly, in the event you do want to experiment with four-track analog recording and have never done so, this book is about as good a manual as you're going to find. It also inexplicably has the sheet music for a short Hadyn string quartet, and a rather odd arrangement of Greensleeves for string quartet, harp, and two recorders that I'm sure is absolutely banal in performance.

In any event, here is the PDF. If you've already donated for the previous one, don't bother doing it again. If you haven't, here's the button:




Feb.28.2012 @ 9:20 PM
Thanks for doing the legwork on this one Chris. I was actually planning on doing a bit of 4-track work after I got through with the AI comp and RPM Challenge this year. This book will definitely come in handy as a reference while I experiment! As per usual you drop things before I have money. I'll be hitting up the donate button on Friday after I get paid.


Mar.01.2012 @ 9:00 AM

Who holds the copyright for these books? Is this in the public domain? Curious.

Mar.01.2012 @ 9:35 AM
Chris Randall
They're ?1979 Roland, All Rights Reserved, Unauthorized duplication blah blah blah. So I may need those Paypal donations for legal representation.

So technically speaking, I'm running a bit of a risk doing this, but it is minimal. I know people from Roland Corp. read this blog, as they've written me in the past with corrections and errata; none of them have written to say this is unacceptable, nor have I received a DMCA or good ol' fashioned cease-and-desist. If I do, I'll remove them immediately. These are essentially the manual package for the System 100M (although you wouldn't really know that from the two I've put up; wait until you see the other two), for all intents and purposes, and as such are probably treated with the same general "we don't give a fuck" by Roland that they treat other manual sites with. I guess we'll find out.




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