November 12, 2005

TechnoMage LIFE 2...

by Chris Randall

I assume you all remember the little LIFE gizmo that TechnoMage made a couple years back. Well, snappa just hipped me to the fact that there is a LIFE 2 in the works.

I tend to start looking for the exit sign when I hear the phrase "breaking down the barriers between performer and instrument" or anything that could conceivably fit in that paradigm, but setting aside the "organic, unexpected, subtle, ambient, hypnotic, analogue" descriptors for a moment, and accepting that this is just a little synth with no keyboard and no labels on the knobs, and it does look like it could be fun. The TechnoMage website isn't very explicit on what hoops one would have to jump through to aquire one of these little beasties; I assume they're for sale somewhere.


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Nov.13.2005 @ 2:39 AM
Crashon DeLamuzed
they used to claim a Doepfer(Eurorack) version was coming soon even had photos of it, did that ever happen? it looked great.



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