December 31, 2011

Year End Wrap Up...

by Chris Randall

Since everyone else is doing it, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I imagine I'll hear in short order if anyone actually gives a fuck about this information, but it's easy to get, so here you go.

The Top Five Most Popular AI Posts In 2011:

1. Tempest First Impressions. I am Jack's total lack of surprise.

2. Beepcat: A Modest Proposal. Still working on this. We're getting there.

3. The End Is Nigh. I am Jack's smirking revenge.

4. Monotribe Mini-Review. Interesting. Wouldn't have thought, but there you go.

5. adm02 - 2io. I am Jack's broken heart.

Interestingly, none of these cracked the top five of all time, a heady zone apparently reserved entirely for my frothy rants. I just didn't have much to rant about this year. Whether that is fortunate or unfortunate is entirely up to you. Judging from analytics alone, you guys are generally big fans of me losing my fucking mind. Bastards.

Audio Damage released three new products, if you count Kombinat Dva as a new product, which I do. This is right in line with our average. I also found the time to release three Micronaut EPs (including Particulate, which is most likely the swan song for the Micronaut name, as I don't like sharing it with 15 other trance-making idiots.)

I also added 20 videos to my YouTube channel, including 13 live-to-camera performances. These are quite fun to do, and I have some cool shit on tap for the new year in this regard. So much easier than playing a show.

And finally, two iOS apps, including the App From Hell, and somewhere in there we managed to move house, as well, plus I got to spend two months with a debilitating disease, which was hilarious. Oh, and got arrested for graffiti, of all stupid things.

So, pretty much in line with my normal output. Not a hugely productive year, but not too shabby either. Thank you to all the AI readers for supporting my various hare-brained schemes. Pour some out for 2011, and here's to 2012!



Dec.31.2011 @ 1:03 PM
Big props to you Chris - most interesting read on the net by far - and likewise by the far, most useful and best valued plugins all around. Seriously awesome on all fronts. Best in 2012 to you man!

Dec.31.2011 @ 2:51 PM
I'm just glad that 2011 is over. This has been one shitty year for me. But, on the other hand the Interwebs and Twitter did keep things interesting! Onwards and upwards for 2012! As long as I don't lose the first half of the year to Skyrim, I think I'll be alright...


Dec.31.2011 @ 4:03 PM
Glad to hear that the Beepcat thing is ticking along - it's on my "most eagerly anticipated of 2012" list. Anyways, best wishes to you, Adam and all A.I. visitors for the year ahead

Dec.31.2011 @ 10:36 PM


Dec.31.2011 @ 10:54 PM
The graffiti incident was probably the great moment of 2011. Maybe next year Chris will get popped for jaywalking!


Dec.31.2011 @ 11:08 PM
Chris Randall
The Graffiti Incident sounds like the next movie from Guy Ritchie. Unfortunately, it didn't star Jason Statham, and didn't involve a complex con/crime.


Jan.01.2012 @ 3:17 AM
I don't think we're fans of you losing it per se... it's just that in a longer posting it's a statistical near certainty that you're going to write something that will make us laugh out loud, whilst making your point in the strongest possible way.

Keep on keeping on, as we used to say; all the very best for 2012.

Jan.01.2012 @ 6:11 PM
Nice post dude... that's why I like this site. I appreciate the care and respect given to the art of communication in your posts. Plus you talk about cool shit too. Right on.



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