December 28, 2011

And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'...

by Chris Randall

Just put away another 64-bit update, this time to Automaton. Every platform is now 32/64, and there are some minor bug fixes, stuff you probably wouldn't have noticed anyhow, but will definitely not notice now.

Free update, in the store now; if you're an owner, go grab v1.1.0, and don't say we never gave you anything.

In entirely unrelated news, to add insult to injury I seem to have gotten the Mother Of All Colds. Or a fairly mild flu, possibly. So I am once again bedridden. This has given me plenty of time to just sit and think, time I would normally spend doing shit without thinking about it, so everyone is probably better off.

One of the things I thought about today was as follows: the vast majority of AI readers are musicians with the ability to output some interesting music. I am pondering the idea of doing an AI compilation album. Now, when I say "album" I mentally picture an actual vinyl record, but there's no way I could afford to have such a thing made myself. (Believe me, I've been trying for years now.) But if we all threw in... well, something to consider anyhow. Is there interest for such a thing? It would be for a suitable charity, of course, not a cash-generating enterprise.


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Dec.30.2011 @ 1:30 AM
Truly appreciate the free updates to 64bit - wish Sonalksis had a similar mind set...

Dec.30.2011 @ 1:41 AM
I just registered after lurking for a long time to say that I would like to participate in the compilation.

Dec.30.2011 @ 7:33 AM
Bronto Scorpio
Very nice idea! I don't comment here very often since my english is horrible but I read AI since forever. I'd really like to submit a track if that's OK.

Experimental electro sounds like a good idea. Could be some kind of artificial intelligence compilation of the 21st century.

And get better soon, Chris!


Dec.30.2011 @ 8:21 AM
I think a timeframe, genre, exclusive song, minimum one ADplug, rules, vocal yes/no, etc... should be set out. That way you can see how long the potential list already is of people to join ?
After that it is choosing time i guess with your original lay-out. I'm still in.

Dec.30.2011 @ 8:53 AM
Chris Randall
Yes, that's the next step. I believe that the interest is there. What I don't want is bad will from not choosing particular tracks. I assume we'll get a certain number of participants who won't be familiar with the early 90s A&R mindset, where getting your music heard at all outside the circle of people you could physically give tapes to was, quite literally, a miracle.

Unfortunately, that's what would have to happen here if we were to go with vinyl as the primary medium. The compilation would necessarily be limited to what I consider the 10 best tracks to be. The digital release could be more expansive, of course.

Anyhow, my next post will contain the entire paradigm, time-frame, etc. and I think I have a good idea of how to pay for it without saying "congratulations! You've been accepted! Give me $200!!!" Which fucking sucks, and as was mentioned, is incredibly similar to the pay-to-play scenarios prevalent in New Jersey and LA circa the early 90s. (Yikes. Synchronicity.)


Dec.30.2011 @ 4:22 PM
I rescind my suggestion to 'use only AD plugins'. Just realised that CR would the second last person in the world I would want to send music composed entirely of AD plugins. The last would be Adam ;)

i'd like to submit a track, but I also like creative frameworks... And 'experimental electronic',.. Whoa! where do you start with something like that!?

Dec.30.2011 @ 4:32 PM
As a Scottish person I was unaquainted with the idea that there are areas of the US with their own highly unpleasant diseases.
What else are you not mentioning? Are there bits of California where, like, your legs melt or some such?
I think we should be told; many of us foreigners have lifelong dreams of visiting your great country. But frankly, if it means that my kidneys explode, I'm not coming.

Anyway, a tiny group of selectors or despotic decision are the only two options-- "LP by committee" is a very bad idea.

Dec.30.2011 @ 5:12 PM
Chris Randall
@steve: Well, yeah, there are various places you can catch various things. It's a big country, roughly 3 1/2 times the size of Western Europe. Lots can go wrong. On the flip side, I can't speak for Scotland, but right now here in Phoenix it is 22C, and I wore shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops all day. Not a terrible way to have a cold.

Anyhow, I kind of agree with the general consensus that the Platonic "benign Dictator" is the ideal in this situation.


Dec.30.2011 @ 5:42 PM
Chris is living in the incubation part of our great country.

Dec.30.2011 @ 6:24 PM
I'm in, great idea. Choose the tracks in whatever way you'd like, this is not about personal gratification.
I wouldn't limit it by posting some kind of "genre", however. I already loathe most genre names, but "experimental" really is the uncrowned king of the midden heap. Blech.

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