December 21, 2011

Some Fun Shit...

by Chris Randall

Sorry for the vertigo-inducing "camera" work, but I shot this with my iPhone in one hand, while I tried to drive the iPad with the other. Anyhow, what you're looking at is Phaedra sequencing a Korg Monotribe. I did the super-simple version of the MIDI modification for the Monotribe that is talked about here. I did the one without the opto-isolator, so basically all it is is a MIDI plug, a single resistor, and two wires to connect to the Monotribe's circuit board. Note that, in theory, you could fry your Monotribe doing things this way; MIDI has opto-isolators for a reason. However, I'm really smart and lucky besides, so I could give a fuck.

Once the mod is done, you can sequence the synth on MIDI channel 1, and the drums on ch. 10. It responds to CC for the LFO parameters (the LFO in the Monotribe is digital) but not filter freq and res. No velocity, either, but pitch bend works. Pretty fun, and makes the Monotribe much more usable.

EDIT: I just did the v2.0 update to my Monotribe and I can report that yes, it does indeed respond to velocity over MIDI now, after a fashion. It only has about 10 levels, from the sound of things, but this is enough to provide some articulation. The drum voices do _not_ respond to velocity, however. I also did the decay mods on this page, and that was pretty easy, and produced acceptable results.

Next up, Phosphor is now 32/64 on all platforms. Previously only Windows users enjoyed the awesome power and super high-fidelity that 64-bit operation brings. There may or may not be bullshit in the preceding sentence. Anyhow, the OS X versions are now 32/64 as well, and the installer is in the store for immediate download.

We're still having some trouble with the 32/64 AU of Ricochet, which was supposed to be our next update. The older plugs are always problematic when we drag them kicking and screaming in to this zany modern world we live in. Hope to have that solved on Friday, and then a lengthy (and by "lengthy" I mean "48-hour") company vacation for Saturday and Sunday, and then back at it. We hope to have the majority of the catalog done before the New Year.


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Dec.29.2011 @ 4:25 PM
Just picked up Phaedra due to coverage on; looks cool, looking forward to playing with it when I get home from work.

I'm curious if you have any docu or spec of what MIDI commands are being sent/rec'd, and what you might be thinking for future OSC support. I do a lot with OSC into ChucK and would want to write a ChucK class that handles interactions with Phaedra.

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