December 9, 2011

Wanna See Some Bullshit?

by Chris Randall

Exhibit A: The Akai Analog Custom Shop Analog Delay. Available here. $122. This is one of several pedals in the Akai Custom Shop line of analog effects, about which Akai says the following:

"Building upon this history of quality and ingenuity, Akai Professional is bringing a new generation of boutique-quality effects to guitarists. Each one delivers everything that discerning guitarists demand: rugged all-metal construction, premium internal components including germanium transistors, and true bypass signal paths."

Exhibit B: The Biyang AD-8 Analog Delay. Available here. $66. This is one of several in the Biyang line of inexpensive analog guitar pedals, about which Biyang says the following:

"Tonefancier series effects,which have used the high-class handwork effects as standard, with a high cost in adopting a lot of high-quality and well-known HI-FI audio parts and combined with classic circuits and good internal structure, have reached a very high quality level!"

Yes, that's correct. Every single pedal in the "Akai Custom Shop" line is a Biyang "Tonefancier" pedal with an Akai-flavored coat of paint, for twice the price. These Biyang pedals are readily available on Amazon and eBay. They're shitty. Everyone knows they're shitty. I mean, they're fine and all, for shitty pedals. They are in no way "custom" or "boutique." These are sharted out of a big-ass factory in China by the bajillion.

This is the kind of shit that drives me batty. Akai can't even be bothered to come up with their own shitty products? They're just rebadging _other_ shitty products now? Come on. At least put some fucking effort in to it, guys!


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Dec.09.2011 @ 6:09 PM
Very sad , but no surprise from Akai , The sad part as they do have some "smart" (IMHO) products , but they have so many that take huge short cuts . I am waiting on arrival of an EIE to work as an I/O dock alternative / basic aggregate device expansion / as well as "should" work with some DIY linux devices . At present I think this may be an original device from them and not a rebranding ( though it is actually probably an Alesis io4 with a usb hub buit in come to think of it ) .
Also For more great typos look the rev1 Miniak manual that states Micron in 7-8 places sometimes in the same paragraph as Miniak .... showing they kind of tried to edit the documentation ;)

Dec.09.2011 @ 6:11 PM
The main difference between the Leica D-Lux series and the Panasonic LX series is the software bundle. The D-Lux 5 comes with Adobe Lightroom and the LX5 doesn't. There are some minor firmware tweaks between the two cameras, but the differences seem minor.

link [leicarumors.comn.asp...]

Panasonic LX lenses are branded as Leica DC Vario-Summicron. I can't find the thread now, but there was some discussion of the licensing deal between Panasonic and Leica. It was claimed that Leica didn't design the Vario-Summicron used on these cameras at all, they just gave design parameters to Panasonic's engineers and verified that the designed lenses met those parameters.

Weird Leica trivia: In Seattle, we have Leica Geosystems boxes bolted on to the I90 freeway. Probably to count cars or detect earthquakes. The cursive red Leica logo looks very out of place there.

Dec.10.2011 @ 12:15 AM
Akai = Alesis = Numark. Numark bought all of them. If they have any engineers it's not many. All they do is import junk from China. Sometimes I see the junk we've passed on with an Alesis badge on it. But they seem to make a few bucks on it, which is all anyone cares aout anymore.

Keith Barr made some incredible, groundbreaking stuff at Alesis, creating gear for 1/20th the price with new technology. The ASIC tech in the MidiVerb was revolutionary. RCA's first customer for that technology was NASA for the Space Shuttle, #2 was Alesis. Now it's, "hey we can make a guitar amp with an iPhone dock on it, your cost is $12, you buy?"

Dec.10.2011 @ 12:46 AM
>You want to really get crazy? Have a look at a Pete Cornish TES.<

Pffft. Doesn't even have vibration isolating crystal feet on it, as far as I can tell. Ask him to get serious.


Dec.10.2011 @ 1:52 AM
D' MacKinnon
Pretty fucking terrible Akai. At least design your own shitty pedals.

Dec.10.2011 @ 1:55 AM
Nice and Shiny they both are... I've heard rumors that the black paint surrounding the time switch on the AKAI makes a difference in the sound... TOTALLY Kustom Shoppe...

Dec.10.2011 @ 3:26 AM
Stringer Belle asking his Professor how to sell an inferior product.

Dec.10.2011 @ 6:02 AM
If only they'd make the Deep Impact again, which was definitely one of their own designs.

Dec.10.2011 @ 6:43 AM
That's too bad. The headrush was a great pedal. What a shitty way to follow it up.

Those Biyang pedals look like a crazy deal, though. An 1100ms analog delay with true bypass in a polished metal case with chickenhead knobs for $66?! Almost tempted to try it out. Every current analog delay pedal out there is based around the same coolaudio BBD ICs anyway, except for the Deluxe Memory Man and Moogerfooger. Though I hear EHX's stock of MN3005s is running thin, hence the insane prices.

Dec.10.2011 @ 10:55 AM
@afreshcupofjoe According to Gearslutz, the Biyang isn't actually analog.

link []

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