November 21, 2011

Audio Damage Blue Monday Sale...

by Chris Randall

As the image says, use the code HOWDOESITFEEL at checkout in the AD store until midnight Tuesday, and take 25% off your entire order, no matter what it is. Rock it.

EDIT: Sale is over, sorry.


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Nov.23.2011 @ 5:44 AM
Computer Controlled
DOH! Double facepalm... i missed it AGAIN then. Just shoot me.

Nov.23.2011 @ 7:18 AM
I didn't miss it!!! Got Filterstation and Panstation... even though I didn't really need 'em. What the hell... it's America! Might as well go into debt for a good cause.

I actually use this excuse to buy music hard and software (mostly software nowdays) as my charity. My charity is helping support musicians and music engineers (in whatever form) by buying their hardware, software and music. That's my favorite charity... and most musicians need it... plus I (ususally) get something good out of the deal!!!

Thanks for the sale, Chris and Adam. Isn't this the first "sale" for AD? Seems I remember seeing before that AD didn't do "sale", since your plug-ins are so reasonably priced (too low?) anyway. You guys do good work... good charitable work for us poor musicians!

And also a good charity... ;D
link []

Nov.23.2011 @ 8:48 PM
Take THAT, credit card.

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