November 13, 2011

A Couple Videos...

by Chris Randall

This is a quick overview of the highlights of Filterstation. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Wubwubwubwub.

This one is a little more involved. It is most of a complete track, done in the style of Autechre's "Corc" from LP5. I use a whole raft of AD products to do it. I didn't capture the actual programming, because that's tedious. This is just a live pass, with some minor arrangement via a Korg nanoKontrol.


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Nov.16.2011 @ 6:48 PM
I'm with lazenbleep.

Is that IDM track going to end up on the next release? Shit is dope, son.

Nov.18.2011 @ 7:04 PM
beauty pill
I'm using Filterstation for its morse code/distress call/crossed-signals/police siren/faintly-Hank Shocklee semiotics here.

link []

This is from the BP museum sessions. (This mix omits the melodic instruments, including voice.)

I feel very fortunate to be living in an age when so many interesting instruments are being made available to artists and often so inexpensively. Audio Damage shit would be a bargain at twice the price, I feel.

- c

p.s. Also, the drum kits were recorded with a single microphone each!

Nov.21.2011 @ 8:53 AM
Like I promised here's the track using AD plug-ins only

link []

After I posted here I decided to finish it earlier than 2 months. ;)

Nov.27.2011 @ 3:20 PM
Fantastic, great to see innovation like this

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