October 25, 2011

The Current State Of Affairs...

by Chris Randall

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in this case I'm just gonna have to prattle on for a bit, because we're not ready to show off yet.

However, I'm pleased to announce that Kombinat is getting a much-requested refresh in the near future, in the form of Kombinat Dva. This will be a pretty big update to Kombinat, and will constitute a new plug as far as your DAW is concerned. (You know how we do that sort of thing by now.) It is getting several more algorithms of various fuck-up-ed-ness, a feedback control that is quite nifty, and a UI that is in line with Filterstation and Panstation. I have no idea on the timeline for this, but I'm about halfway done with the UI; then I hand it over to Adam for the new algos and to clean up the mess I made, and we're off to the races.

In the meantime, Adam is bumping some of the older products to 64-bit. First up will be ADverb, because, well, it starts with A, and everyone knows A is first. We're going to have nothing but refreshes and updates for the next couple months, so make sure you're subscribed to the Audio Damage RSS feed if you're waiting for a particular product. I only usually mail the mailing list if money is involved (that is to say, if it's a major paid update.) Otherwise, all update announcements go in the RSS feed, which you can find here.

In other news, I'm putting the finishing touches on Location / Procedure / Experiment 2, the follow-up to this release. It will include the audio of Experiments 7, 8, and 9, a new Location (which I haven't done yet), and two procedural work-outs from Max/MSP. For the latter, I will also provide the Max patches, both as stand-alone executables and as unlocked patches that you can "remix" with if you're so inclined.

And finally, I'm closing in on the finish line for this iOS contract I've been laboring on for nigh on 4 months now. As such, I'm casting about for a new iOS project to take on. If you have an audio-based idea that you think should be realized for one or all of the iOS platforms, I'd love to hear about it.


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Oct.26.2011 @ 12:06 PM
Looking forward to the Kombinant update. It's probably the AD plug I use the most.

Oct.26.2011 @ 7:08 PM
@ Ed ...

If I'm thinking what I think your thinking Alchemy should be doing that soon on iOS, year or two if the lite version for iOS doesnt do it now... A very lite version was released for iOS a few days ago, but that feature is on the VST. I dont own an iPad so I didnt dig into the specs of the one for iPad.

Oct.26.2011 @ 8:19 PM
Some sort of an iOS glitch machine would be nice...like some middle ground between Axon, Phosphor, Automaton and Replicant. You can call it iFux.

Oct.27.2011 @ 3:15 PM
I have an idea for an app. Should be pretty easy for you.

Oct.27.2011 @ 4:28 PM
OT - but a response to CR's AVID tweet. i'm crossing the streams.

link [www.youtube.com]

Oct.27.2011 @ 4:56 PM
Chris Randall
No more app ideas from synthetic. That's how we got in this pickle in the first place.

Regarding the Avid thing, my Schadenfreude Meter is already red-lining. Don't push me.


Oct.27.2011 @ 5:22 PM
I'm very excited about the Kombinat announcement, so thanks for that! I've basically had to put the use of the existing version on hold since I moved to working exclusively 64-bit in Logic, but now I am looking forward to an expanded Kombinat world of distorted goodness... Question, if I may, will it read presets from the old version, or will they be included and will they sound the same? I guess reading existing Logic plugin settings is not going to work with the new version? I'm obviously eager to sample all the new stuff this version will bring, but I have some specific Kombinat settings using the existing version that I would love to have come up sounding exactly the same, if possible.

Oct.27.2011 @ 5:32 PM
Chris Randall
The new version will not read the old version's presets. It has several more parameters. You will, however, be able to clone whatever you've done in the orignal one exactly. It will be, as far as any DAW is concerned, a new and different plug-in. That kind of sucks, but there we are.


Oct.27.2011 @ 6:51 PM
Thanks, I think as long as I can tweak it to replicate a sound from the original, if need be, I'm a happy camper, with the 'inconvenient' way to get there bound to help create some new, nasty sounds. Convenience is overrated anyways, and might seriously stifle creativity.

Oct.27.2011 @ 7:29 PM
Two things-

The talk about Kombinat has made me interested in getting it straight away- but is it (financially) better to wait for the new version?

What I'd really like is a cut-down version of Tattoo for my iPod Touch. That would be both fun and useful.


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