August 14, 2005

An ass like BLAM...

by Chris Randall

Now, this is a good lookin' microphone, make no mistake. LeWilson Microphones also puts them out in green and orange. Don't know nothin' about them except that they're damned easy on the eyes, and have a tube in them. No prices on the web site, but I can't see these being cheap. Since words like "custom," "hand-built," "Neumann," and "Haufe" are liberally sprinkled through the single page, I can make a ball-park guess and say you're looking at a $1500 mic right here.

The one thing I find nice about tube mic manufacturers is that, unlike every other company that puts tubes in their gear, they don't feel the need to stick a window on there so you can see it. It's enough to simply say it's a tube mic without having to stick it in your fucking face. I've never understood that. "Look, we put a Russian 12AX7 in this [insert middle-of-the-road kit here]! Isn't it fabulous? Now you know it's just fat with a capital Ph!" I'm not sure which is stupider, consumers or the companies that take advantage of them.




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