July 11, 2011

Audio Damage Update...

by Chris Randall

Well, with a couple hiccups, our new framework for porting older products (e.g. those without the newer "flat" UIs, everything released after Tattoo) that we first tried with Dubstation seems to be standing the acid test. We're going to give it a couple more weeks, but at this juncture I'm willing to say that we are now able to port the entire existing product line to 64-bit, so it's just a matter of doing that.

Now, this transition is going to be a bit problematic for AudioUnits users, but hey, you bought in to a format made by a company that changes its mind a lot, and you gotta roll with the punches.

The main thing to note: all the upcoming new versions will be stereo-only as far as AUs are concerned. We're done paying homage to Logic's ridiculous stereo-fying habits, which play fast and loose with the entire concept of turning mono channels in to stereo ones. The process should either be entirely transparent (like in Live) or not subject to change (like in Cubase and any hardware studio). So if you want to use a stereo effect on a mono channel, you need to do it as a send, like a real producer.

Anyhow, since we have bills to pay, and updating existing products to 64-bit means almost nothing in the way of income, we're going to release another new product before we do the rest of the line. This next product will be built as a VST3, and use Steinberg's provided methods for making a VST2.4 and AudioUnit. It will, as a result, have sidechaining and all the other features available to VST3 users. We're essentially learning a new format here, so our testing process will be a little more strenuous than normal, but we're pretty sanguine about the concept at this juncture, and expect this to be fairly painless, as we've already overcome all the hard parts. (Theoretically.)

Anyhow, that's where we're at. I have a Google+ account now, and my profile can be found at gplus.to/Crandall. If you're rollin' with the Big G, you can find me up in there. Since I don't have the Book Of Faces, I'm not exactly sure what I'll be using the G+ account for, but it's there, and will no doubt contain pithy prose of the sort you already know and love. G+ doesn't seem to have the obvious commercial angle that FaceBook and MySpace had, so making band and company pages to "like" seems fairly pointless, at least at this juncture. I'm sure they'll fuck it up down the road, though.


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Jul.11.2011 @ 12:18 PM
didn't realize mono/stereo AU's were a PITA. bummer. some plugs are better suited as inserts than sends.. though every situation is different. but i guess AUs are in general a PITA anyway so the math makes sense.

i'm jet lagged.

Jul.11.2011 @ 4:21 PM
I'm with Boobs and, unfortunately, AU.

Jul.11.2011 @ 5:13 PM
Apple isnt a PITA, they are a pain your pocket.

I like Boobs.

Jul.12.2011 @ 6:16 AM
Book of Faces. *chuckles*

Jul.12.2011 @ 6:36 AM
well. that is a bit mmmm:

"The main thing to note: all the upcoming new versions will be stereo-only as far as AUs are concerned."

this will interrupt the working process i am aware of all logic-users-i-know. exactly that is part of the fun working with logic. shuffling around plugs via alt+drag in channel mixer or mixer regardless whether they are mono or stereo. that exactly is the experimental part with plugs.

then as well ... having bought plugs with more opportunities than they are going to have from a certain point in the future on doesn`t feel right. it`s like buying a car with four wheels, that needs an electronic update every year to run and with the 2011-update you can only use two of the wheels anymore. well. i hope, i am not to harsh.

and yeah - i don`t want to be a real producer. otherwise i probably would. i want software-all-in-one-solutions to behave different from the real world - as well as i don`t need virtual cars in game consoles to behave like real ones. i want the fun part of having virtual ones ...

Jul.12.2011 @ 11:21 AM
Chris Randall
Well, it's either that or no 64-bit versions. You choose. There is only so much we can do when Apple keeps switching things up. We can't re-write 20-odd plug-ins every time they change their mind, which historically is about every 18 months. We've come up with a method by which we can (hopefully) future-proof our product line with respect to AudioUnits, but TANSTAAFL, and we had to give up something. In this case, it was multiple I/O formats. This was an easy decision because the entire act is fraught with stupidity in Logic.

Look on the bright side: you'll lose a bit of convenience, but in the process, you'll actually learn a bit about how to correctly address mono/stereo signal flow.

Note that this won't affect new products. Any AU coming out post-Panstation will have multiple channel modes where appropriate.


Jul.12.2011 @ 12:17 PM
weird. i get why you guys have to make a choice.. draw the line somewhere but i don't get the "correctly address mono/stereo signal flow" comments.

if i have a mono kick/snare/bass line etc why would i use a stereo compressor or EQ as an insert? that's pretty simple.

i'm pretty traditional with my routing when mixing and treat the mixer in logic like a hardware mixer when it comes to inserts and sends. reverbs/delays etc go on a bus and i use sends to get audio to them.. but w/the multitude of FX out there these days that don't really fit any kind of traditional dogma sometimes it just makes sense to use the weird reaktor ensemble or filtered pitch shifting delay thing as an insert..

so, while this won't really effect me anyways (not using anything 64 bit so don't care.. yet) it may be a bummer somewhere down the line but who knows.. maybe by then (18/36) months things will have u-turned, logic will have turned into a FCPX type prosumer cluster fuck and i'll have switched to the mac version of cakewalk.

but.. most of your effect plugs are really better suited to stereo use anyways so there's that.

ps - still jet lagged for some reason.

Jul.12.2011 @ 4:58 PM
I have heard that stereo is better than mono anyways, so I'm not that concerned ... I just want my 64bit KombinatAU already, thanks very much, and with everything working again oh, and... I'm still with boobs?

Jul.13.2011 @ 1:05 AM

I believe Crandall said AUs will have multiple channel modes ONLY when appropriate.

Meaning they will be stereo only unless the AU in question is best suited as an insert. In that case, it will be able to function as a mono plug as well.

Jul.13.2011 @ 3:31 AM
@xmodz - where does he say that? (i'm still jet lagged and not doing myself any favors right now.. beer please)

quoted from CR's posts:

"The main thing to note: all the upcoming new versions will be stereo-only as far as AUs are concerned.... ...So if you want to use a stereo effect on a mono channel, you need to do it as a send, like a real producer. "


"Note that this won't affect new products. Any AU coming out post-Panstation will have multiple channel modes where appropriate."

also, this doesn't effect me and i imagine it won't for some time so the horse i have in this race is still eating some hay and chilling in his stall getting his neck brushed by some woman in tight pants and boots.

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