July 5, 2011

Jaymar My First Piano...

by Chris Randall

I'm working on the music for an iOS game, and in one of the level songs, I wanted a little lietmotif played on this 1950s toy piano I got. Unfortunately, the keys stick so bad as to make it nearly unplayable, so I decided to take a few minutes and make a multi-sample of it.

Since some interest was expressed on Twitter in this set, here it is. This is for Live Sampler, so you need Live Suite or you have to have purchased Sampler in order to use it as-is. Of course, the audio file is just sitting in there, so you can pull it out and make your own sample. It's a single mono file. I did it at 44.1/24, because these iOS tracks are all at 44.1/16, being the canonical format of iOS audio. I recorded it with a single home-made piezo mic, through a Purple Biz Mk pre-amp and a Drawmer M500 compressor to a Mytek 8x192 A/D/D/A.

There is a distinct "click" sound when you release the keys on this little piano, and I added that as well, as a single sample. It's the first layer, and if you don't like it, you can just mute it. I sampled every note, starting at C#, because the low C is broken on the toy.

Anyhow, here's the file. Enjoy, and as always, if you find commercial use for it, like all my samples, a Paypal donation is appreciated but in no way mandatory. Hit the "free shit" link to the right; the donate button is at the top of the page.



Jul.05.2011 @ 2:28 PM
Cool. I'll try to konvert it to Kontakt.

Jul.05.2011 @ 3:22 PM
Very nice work!


- Hugo

Jul.05.2011 @ 3:25 PM
Sweet. Thanks.

I cleared a few music buying dollars on paypal so I can finally get that last of the Micronaut Electronics eps. I'm looking forward to hearing it again.

Jul.05.2011 @ 7:21 PM
I was going to re-edit and re-map this for Kontakt, then reason kicked back in as I thought to myself: wait, I've got a Jaymar Toy Piano sitting 8 feet away from me.

Anyway, it's good of you to share Chris.

Jul.06.2011 @ 7:32 AM
I did this a few years ago. Different piano, recorded with a Zoom H4:

link [www.cornwarning.co...]

That has a Kontakt3 patch in it. Would be interesting to layer the two sample sets.

I did this with it:
link [www.cornwarning.co...]

I cheated by pitching down the lowest sample to get another octave down for the left hand part.

Jul.21.2011 @ 4:36 AM
Finally got around to editing this up for Kontakt

link [www.mediafire.co...]

Please do not use for evil purposes (ie fey indie folk rock)! :-P

thnx CR



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