July 1, 2011

And Away We Go...

by Chris Randall

We've just put Dubstation 1.5.2 in the AD store. With this update, Adam has theoretically mostly conquered the problem of porting our older stuff to 64-bit.

On the Windows side, it should Just Work. On the OS X side, things might get a little dicey. We've tried to make a 64-bit AU that can pick up existing sessions in Logic, and it seems that we have succeeded. But as always, doing a major update to a plug-in like in the middle of a session is stupid. If you do it, and you have problems, don't cry like a little girl.

Now, some other notes about the OS X versions:

1. We're trying out a new installer package that obviates the separate authorizer applet. If this doesn't experience problems once it gets out in to the world, then this will be our method going forward on the OS X side, at least until Apple deprecates PackageMaker in favor of only selling things through the App Store or some other stupid shit like that.

2. This build REMOVES PPC ENTIRELY. If you're a PPC user, do not do this update. It's pointless to you anyhow because you can't run 64-bit anything. Assuming this build passes muster, we're gonna turn the firehose on and update the whole remaining product line in one fell swoop. When we do that, we're removing PPC builds from everything. If you plan on continuing down that lonely, dismal, underpowered road called PowerPC, you should take this opportunity to archive all the Mac installers in the store, because any updates after today on older products are Intel only.

3. With this update, Dubstation goes from being a "real" AudioUnit to a Symbiosis-wrapped VST in AU clothing. This is a fairly major architectural change as far as your DAW is concerned. We've made every effort to ensure that the new Dubstation picks up all existing saved sessions without any drama. The one place we're experiencing a tiny bit of oddity is if you saved a session in 32-bit Logic, with a 32-bit pre-1.5.2 Dubstation, and open it in 64-bit Logic where it uses the new 1.5.2 64-bit version. If you notice anything peculiar in this scenario (or, well, any other scenario) please drop me a line at your earliest convenience.

Anyhow, that's about it. There are no internal changes to this version; it is mainly to provide 64-bit versions to those that need them. If you don't need a 64-bit version, you don't really need to do this update at this juncture. Hit your account in the AD Store to grab the downloads.



Jul.01.2011 @ 2:03 PM
Nice to see things moving right along.

One feature request for the AD website: add a column to the updates/downloads page that shows the release date of the last update. It will give me an idea of what, if anything, I may need to update without having to compare version numbers.

Jul.01.2011 @ 6:04 PM
Hopefully this means updates to Vapor & Fluid (code-wise)?

Jul.04.2011 @ 2:43 AM
It's funny, when you had your survey, I said I wasn't interested in 64 bit plug ins. A few months later, and I've changed my tune. I can't wait for your product line to be switched over to all 64 bit.

Jul.10.2011 @ 10:48 AM
Seeing as how a fancy new iMac is finally in my near term future, this upgrade may soon mean something to me. I'm finally looking forward to saying goodbye to PPC (on this machine at least)



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