June 22, 2011

Calling All Southwest Nerdcore...

by Chris Randall

I don't believe there are enough 'core types in the Pho-Sco / Tucson area to warrant a true AH-type meet-up, and also, I find that format to be somewhat stifling. "THOU SHALT HAVE PATCH CORDS!" But I thought it might be fun to have a Hard Core Gear Porn Get-Together type thing for the folks here on the surface of the sun in the Valley Of The Sun.

To that end, I'm attempting to gauge interest in same. If it's just, like, 6 people or whatever and nobody is bringing a GX-1 or a full stack Plexi we can just do it here at my house, as I have plenty of room. However, if it's more than that, some other plan would need to be come up with, and that plan would depend on the number of people attending, and what gear they would like to pimp.

So, if you'd like to attend a get-together tentatively scheduled for the 2nd Saturday in August (8/13/11) drop me a line and let me know what, if anything, you'd like to show off, and any what infrastructure you'd need for same. I'll attempt to make some sort of spreadsheet or some shit and determine whether an external locale would be needed.

Also too, if you just post something in the comments but don't write me, then you're not counted. Email me so I can take advantage of the wonderful filtering technology of today's advanced e-mail apps.


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Jun.23.2011 @ 6:52 PM
i've done more than my share of time in tropical taint sweating places. you can adapt to 90+ degrees with 90+ humidity but who wants to? it was great when i was a kid.. strangely perfect no matter what. the 'winter' was awesome but it soon became obvious that it also sucked giant dog balls and that i was envious of dogs balls because they could just hang out meanwhile the sun was focusing all its powers on the small patch of my personal skin between my scrotum and my anus to turn my underwear into some mini swamp.

living on the west coast spoiled me good. no AC year round and windows open and it was always pretty much perfect so long as a giant wild fire wasn't snowing ash down on everything. the desert could be just awesome as well. high elevation desert areas are magic.

i love the grey blanket of the NW though that only lifts briefly for a week or a day here or there and a winter that rarely goes below 30 and a summer that is short and will get 90+ and for brief periods 100+ and dry heat as well. no snow shoveling or ice scraping off windshields except maybe like once a year or once every 2 years.

i need rain, wind, some storms and all that. changes in the seasons etc. just so long as my spit doesn't freeze before it hits the ground i can deal.

Jun.23.2011 @ 6:58 PM
@ Phil -

You'll have no problem with heat in San Francisco; I think it's hit 75F a couple times in its entire history. :)

When it *does* got warm: pure pure joy.

Jun.23.2011 @ 6:59 PM
Then again, it may "get" warm. Oh, well.

Jun.23.2011 @ 7:06 PM
"meanwhile the sun was focusing all its powers on the small patch of my personal skin between my scrotum and my anus to turn my underwear into some mini swamp."


Where's the "i'm creeped out by boobs" button?

Jun.23.2011 @ 7:25 PM
lols. i guess me an Luis CK are alone in that one. it happens. haven't you ever seen a horse at the track?

Jun.23.2011 @ 10:14 PM
@ CR

Not to come off as a dick.... but thats alot of analog... i would not be bringing that much strangers around my shit...

Jun.23.2011 @ 10:52 PM
When I try to explain to people about summer in AZ;
It's like your winter. If you think about it like a southern hemisphere area where the seasons are reversed it makes more sense. You don't spend a lot of time outside, hanging out, you hole up inside. Like someone else said, you go from one climate controlled area to another of the same.

Then when winter finally comes you hang outside, hike, BBQ, and try to stay cool.

Jun.24.2011 @ 12:16 AM
Adam Schabtach
I'm with boobs with respect to changes in the seasons and weather. The phenomenon that ungeheier describes of spending all of the time in AC-tempered environments has never made much sense to me. Why not just live where it's less hot? But different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes. I grew up in the relatively mild Willamette Valley in OR but have come to enjoy the cold here in the Rockies, in somewhat the same way that CR describes the AZ heat as exciting. E.g. a blog post from last winter: link [studionebula.co...]
Incidentally, it's dry here also, and hence I can't particularly handle humid climates, either hot or cold.


Jun.24.2011 @ 7:56 AM
@studio nebula

Job dictated where I lived more than where I wanted to live. I grew up in so cal, but that's just a huge hell-hole to me.

A stable (at least when I was looking) job popped up on Phx, and I jumped on it. I was single with no kids, so it really didnt matter.

Again, it's only a few months that you're hopping from one AC controlled environment to another. *shrug*

Again though, my only living experiences have been Southern California, and Phoenix, so I only know what I've lived in.

Jun.24.2011 @ 7:57 AM
I'm more or less with boobs. I haven't lived anywhere outside of the Northeast, unless you want 6 months in D.C. (which I don't really), so I'm not qualified to compare to much other than passing info and vacations. But other than mid-Feburary through late-March, I like the seasons. Well, and a good part of August can intermittently sucks, for the aforementioned humidity. (Here's what boobs was talking about: link [comedians.jokes.co...])

Actually, now that I think of it, there's weather elsewhere that would probably suit me better. But, inertia, money. But that kinda heat, could not handle it, dry or no. I much prefer my climate a little more mild.

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