May 3, 2011

Buy Shit Now!

by Chris Randall

Yeah, you pretty much need this. While Dave is a good friend of mine, and I wouldn't talk some bullshit about a friend, this plug is honestly the bomb, plain and simple. It has an easy-to-use front end that hides a fucking huge amount of control over the dynamics of a track. Strongly recommended from me; I've been using it for some time now. Get it here.

Also too, Beatserv has two new packs out: Bombs & Bits 2, and the super awesome Baby Breakz, which I highly recommend. It is a bunch of loops of actual good drummers playing a child's drum kit, and doesn't sound at all like you'd think. Get 'em both here.


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May.03.2011 @ 6:24 PM
Love the Baby Breakz artwork! Great idea for a product.

I want to get a little child's kit for my son. His feet don't reach the pedals on my kit...

- Hugo

May.03.2011 @ 8:29 PM
Computer Controlled
That plug sounds like exactly what i need, too bad i can't afford it right now =o[

May.03.2011 @ 9:13 PM
damn the weak dollar. $223 US ouch.

May.03.2011 @ 9:43 PM
I'm with boobs.

May.03.2011 @ 9:49 PM
However not for the same reasons...

I get paid in US dollars...

- Hugo

May.03.2011 @ 9:55 PM
Holy crap... Dave has made a monster compressor... just read the story on the product page.

- Hugo

May.03.2011 @ 9:59 PM
Chris Randall
Dave asked me what he should charge for it, and I was like "uhhh... $59?" I didn't know you could hear an lol from another hemisphere.

Different market, though, that high-end stuff.


May.03.2011 @ 10:12 PM
he must code in those fancy high-end ones and zeros ;)

edit: i'm sure it's a great sounding comp and is full of countless hours of labor but at that price i won't download the demo to hear it because if it is all that then i'll wanna buy it and my disposable income is wrapped up.

i'm all for fancy ones and zeros btw. my AU component folder is evidence of that..

May.03.2011 @ 11:07 PM
You need COMPassion if you use a DAW. It may very well be the last compressor you ever buy.

Dave's stuff is very, very, very good. And it's not like he's charging $1,000. It's a screaming deal when compared to a cheap analog compressor, and when you dig in and see what this thing can do, you may want to send him MORE cash.

May.03.2011 @ 11:21 PM
Did u say good drummers on a childs kit? I got a brain cramp thinking about that. I'm sure its topnotch though. Beatserv dont fuck around.

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