April 22, 2011

Poll Time...

by Chris Randall

We're busy building our latest Roadmap To Success/Five Year Plan/Whatever, and while I have a fairly good idea of what the answers to this poll will be, I'd like a little less anecdotal evidence. While it's true that most of us use multiple platforms, I'll wager one of those options is the one you can't live without. Click that one.

(Note: if your main DAW is Live OSX, hit the "OSX 32-bit VST" option. Obviously, you can use AUs in Live, but it is more or less pointless to do so unless you need to share presets with Logic.)


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Apr.26.2011 @ 12:14 PM
One reason for using AU's in Live; If you're already using DP or Logic then you're using AU's, if you now use VST's in Live there's another set of plugins to keep current and organized. Trying to do that on two computers already makes me crazy.

I only use Pro Tools as an editor, as God intended it to be. I was surprised to see how many RTAS plugins I have since I only use 2 or 3 of them. Now that they've opened up the hardware, if PT hosted AU's I'd probably go back to that as my main squeeze.


Apr.26.2011 @ 12:20 PM
Chris Randall
Yeah, I agree with bongo_x in this particular case. If your main recording app is Logic or DP, and you just use Live for extra curricular activity, you might as well use the AUs. That way, any preset you make in Live gets stored in the canonical AU preset folder for that plug, and is available to Logic and DP as well. (Assuming the plug doesn't have its own preset machinations.)

And fuck, if it ain't broke, don't sweat it. Where I get annoyed is when people that _only_ use Live talk some bullshit about how AUs are more better because they're an Apple format or whatever. That's just bullshit. In a cross-platform plug, the DSP is usually identical, and an AU has 10 times the support structure of a VST2.4. There is simply no way it is a more efficient format; that is a physical impossibility. The one exception is plugins that need a sidechain. Generally, AUs are a bit more adept at handling this than VST2.4, which doesn't have the feature built-in, but is usually kind of a hackish add-on.


Apr.26.2011 @ 8:11 PM
I never thought I'd need 64-bit until I bounced up against the memory wall in the Logic the other day while layering up some large sample based instruments. I'm not keen on using a 32-bit bridge (for my other plug-ins), so for now I'll bounce as I go if memory is getting low, but honestly, it would be faster and easier to manage without having to worry about RAM limitations. It's not the sot of purposeful constraint that I find induces creativity, but YMMV. I have to imagine that for people doing soundtrack work with large sample libraries, 64-bit is a potential godsend. With musical directors requesting constant changes to the material, not having to bounce or freeze tracks allows for far greater flexibility in those situations.

Apr.28.2011 @ 10:34 PM
@Gene - While the technical RAM limitation in Logic Pro 9 is still 4GB, I noticed when switching from LP8 to 9 that it's practical limit is really around 2GB. Even when I'm not working on a large cue and just working on a largish track with a lot of AU instances I find Logic not only starts crying about at about 2GB but occasionally turns into a buggy-ass piece of shit after that, giving me all manner of issues. Switching to 64bit mode, IME, has eliminated both problems for me.

@CR - I work almost exclusively in 64bit with LP now, if only to feel like I'm using a functioning DAW. I realize I'm in the minority of your user base, but I'm glad the Sonic Charge solution has helped you guys with the creation of 64 bit versions of some of your plugs (in my case, Eos). Thanks.

May.02.2011 @ 6:49 AM
Logic 9 RAM "Limitation" is a fucking pain. I have more RAM than ever and on some tracks i get constant RAM error. I never had problems with RAM before. I think that some plugs "leak" RAM on L9 as same song opened in L8 has no problems.

If 64bit fixes that then great.

May.03.2011 @ 7:21 AM
Another vote for OS X 32-bit AU here even though I often use OS X 32-bit VST plugins. I use Bidule which supports both, but I also use Numerology which currently only does AUs. Though I've noticed at least a couple of the AD AUs show a blank UI. Never got around to reporting that because I've never had the time to figure out whether it's a host problem or a plugin problem.

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