April 22, 2011

Poll Time...

by Chris Randall

We're busy building our latest Roadmap To Success/Five Year Plan/Whatever, and while I have a fairly good idea of what the answers to this poll will be, I'd like a little less anecdotal evidence. While it's true that most of us use multiple platforms, I'll wager one of those options is the one you can't live without. Click that one.

(Note: if your main DAW is Live OSX, hit the "OSX 32-bit VST" option. Obviously, you can use AUs in Live, but it is more or less pointless to do so unless you need to share presets with Logic.)


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Apr.25.2011 @ 11:24 AM
For some reason Firefox doesn't like you poll, and I cant vote. So here it is for me: 32 bit AU.

Apr.25.2011 @ 12:27 PM
Speaking of Aalto, what is the reason for the AU - only release on some plugs? You don't see it often, but Aalto and the SineVibes stuff are examples.

Aren't AU's just VST's with an Apple shell? Wouldn't it be easier to develop the VST first?

Apr.25.2011 @ 12:30 PM
Acknowledging that vote results thus far aren't perfectly representative, but are there really that many AD customers using Logic?

I'd have figured that of the Mac userbase, Logic users would be much fewer than Live users, not an equal number.

Apr.25.2011 @ 1:09 PM
Chris Randall
Live users cover two platforms, whereas you can assume that every 64-bit AU user is a Logic user, and that's that.

@Carlos: There are a couple companies that make AUs only; this allows them to use Quartz UIs entirely. Those of us that make cross-platform products don't have that option.

In any case, there is no "Apple shell." Most of our products, other than the last 5 or so, are "real" AudioUnits. We switched to Symbiosis, the excellent wrapper from Sonic Charge, when we released Discord3. But most companies used FXpansion's wrapper or JUCE. And now, the VST3.5 SDK creates AUs on the fly as you build, so there's even less reason to bother with 'em. Hardly anyone makes "real" AudioUnits anymore. Basically, it's just an annoying format we all need to deal with because Apple is somehow offended by Steinberg's licensing terms. There's no earthly reason for it otherwise.


Apr.25.2011 @ 1:38 PM
I was thinking all OSX 32-bit AU users would be using Logic, too, but a search of KVR's database tells me that there are other hosts that only host AU plugins, something I did not know. I figured every host other than Logic would host VST as well.

Apr.25.2011 @ 2:09 PM
DP is AU only (and MAS but if there were ever a dead plug-in format...), Numerology is AU only. 'Tisn't just Logic.

Apr.25.2011 @ 4:43 PM
@Carlos: Aalto is being ported to Windows/OSX VST. Aalto is built in Juce.

@Chris: Interesting poll. The numbers jibe with my own sales stats, except that OSX RTAS shows up higher in my sales figures. Long-time readers would know that votes for this on your blog would be like voting for Nader, so this discrepancy is easily explained.

Apr.25.2011 @ 4:53 PM
I use Win 32 bit but voted OSX 64 because I intend to move to Apple probably for all the wrong reasons, and because from my experience, having first programmed using punch cards, it seems to me a 5 year plan should be looking at 64 bits.

Apr.25.2011 @ 6:27 PM
Since I only use Pro Tools in OSX for mixing, the only RTAS plug-ins I use are those suited to mixing tasks (eqs, compressors, the occasional reverb).

When I'm writing music or designing sounds I'm using Live and/or Numerology in OSX (so 32bit VSTs and AUs).

This means that when I go shopping for mixing tools, it must have an RTAS version or work well in Kore2/FXpansion wrapper. On the other hand, if I'm looking at VIs, wacky multi-effects or midi generators/processors it doesn't matter much if a plug-in is AU only or VST only.

I realize there aren't many others like me but it might be worth while to consider that some folks needs change depending on what kind of tool we're talking about.

Apr.25.2011 @ 8:18 PM
I think CR is the only person running an Apple IIe DAW.

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