April 12, 2011

NABster Pt. 2

by Chris Randall

Day one of my trip to NAB is in the bag. Those of you that follow my Twitter stream saw the highlights. Pretty much the same shit as last year, for the most part, and the show is somewhat smaller, as well.

Last year, the catch-phrase was "streamlining your digital workflow." I could't walk 10 feet without hearing some permutation of that phrase. This year, the word is "cloud." Everybody and their second cousin's babysitter has some sort of "cloud" solution. Even companies that were already fairly cloudy to begin with (e.g. AT&T) had all kinds of cloud motifs around their booths. I got a demo of AT&T's media caching/clouding/whatever service, and actually left the booth with less understanding of the service they offer than when I went in to it, taking in to account that I'd never heard of it when I went in to it, so my understanding baseline of their "cloud" media service was zero.

The Microsoft Cloud stuff felt kind of pained. That sort of shit just isn't their style, and there was mute embarrassment all around. I'd like to get all the guys from the New Cloudy Companies together and give them a crib sheet. They could say "it's like Amazon S3 only we charge more," or they could say "it's like Amazon S3 only we charge less." It would really save everyone a lot of time and energy all around. YOUR SHIT, OUR SERVER FARM. LET'S GET IT DONE!

It's really surprising that I'm not a professional pitchman.

I was going to put a little thing up on that Edirol video sampler (the which is sort of like an SP-202, but for video instead of audio.) Except that after I played it, I decided it was basically tragically unplayable, and is a rare miss for their Edirol division. There's like a 1 second pause when the clips start. Maybe it's a software bug and will get fix. I tried to ask one of their booth Bettys, but he was too busy trying to give some lard ass a demo. So I guess we'll never know.

I didn't really see anything else that would be of general interest here that we don't all already know about, I'm sorry to say. The audio side of things was the usual suspects; nothing new. This is the show where the broadcast divisions of all the names you know come out, so you see a slightly different side of Yamaha, SSL, whatever. Kind of fun, but ultimately, it's rather tedious talking to those guys, because you have to put a translation layer over all their terminology.

Anyhow, back at it tomorrow, then back to Tempe in the afternoon to rest my tired feet.


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Apr.12.2011 @ 1:03 PM
@Jason Duerr - that's likely true about 100 other types of technology situations.

Apr.12.2011 @ 1:49 PM
I'm with bongo_x.

Apr.12.2011 @ 3:25 PM
I'm with bongo....

Apr.12.2011 @ 3:31 PM
- NEW - the_woof
Apr.12.11 @ 9:07 AM
Harrison74: it's "en vogue", not "on-vogue". In this context I feel compelled to correct you.

I did notice that but only after the event. Bloody iPhone.

Fat hands and the iPhone keypad are not compatible.

Apr.12.2011 @ 3:53 PM
DL White
I have a different take on MS Cloud - and we've launched product on it. I do agree that they still do a lousy job of explaining it. My simple description is that Amazon is basically "host and manage your own VM, and we'll provide some VMs of a database and some storage/CDN." Basically IT Infrastructure as a service. Right now, that "host your VM" is something that Azure is horrible at - but they're working on it. Azure is more Platform as a Service - A special database system (getting closer to full SQL Server function all the time), plus web server, and a fixed configuration OS ready for .Net applications, plus storage, queue, and CDN. Hard to describe in a paragraph, but there are significant differences when you're trying to build out, and provide dynamic scaling for applications up there in that white on blue space.

Apr.12.2011 @ 6:28 PM
Chris Randall
I'm with bongo_x. I really don't want anything to do with the Cloud, and especially not for my email, contacts, etc. It's just a matter of time until "Cloud hacked, raining spam" is the headline on the NYT tech section.

And just for the record, En Vogue is one of my guilty pleasures. I know you'd never think it, but I always liked the production of that project.


Apr.12.2011 @ 6:48 PM
cloud shmoud. aren't there enough places on the intertubes to upload your data of various kinds for safe keeping/sharing etc etc etc?

i'm sure it'll be useful for various things i'm not thinking of but i like all my data where it is already.. if i have to move it around yet again i think i'll punch god.

Apr.12.2011 @ 7:42 PM
I was with you guys regarding the cloud until my wife and I both got Android phones, as well as some friends and bandmates, and everyone started using the gmail calendar. It's made it very easy to see where everyone is/what's going on, as well as manage to make it to events I otherwise would have forgotten about. Obviously, I don't want to start mixing records in "the cloud", but I think it has it's place. Dropbox is another good example of epic cloud usefulness.

Apr.12.2011 @ 9:12 PM
DGillespie> I'm fully aware that I'm generally an antisocial crank, but I don't have those kind of pressing needs to know what the people close to me are doing without having to actually communicate with them. If I want to know what they're doing I just call them and ask (dangerously close to a Mitch Hedburg joke). I don't see how everyone filling out calendars and then everyone checking them is easier. Also, if you text me I will call you back, I can't be bothered to tap out little messages on my phone unless it's "OK".

Then again, I also don't have any use for Dropbox, and don't really get it, although everyone at BoingBoing is probably snickering at me for that opinion. I got an account because some guy wanted me to send him a file that way and that was the one and only time I used it.

I am kind of excited because I just found a program called Synk that does a similar thing only without clouds, it's all on your local network. I want to keep my computers sync'd automatically but not have to change my whole directory structure to work with Dropbox, and again, the idea that to sync my downloads folder I have send all my data to a server in Timbuktu and back when my desktop is in the other room seems beyond ridiculous. That, and my samples folder is 300G, not counting anything else.

I don't have the kind of job or lifestyle that requires me keeping track of a lot of people or appointments, I don't have to go to meetings or get memos, and I know that some of the new technologies I think are dumb may actually be useful to some people, I'm just glad I'm not one of them.

I'm going back in my shack to work on my manifesto now.


Apr.12.2011 @ 11:05 PM
Time to re-state Putt's law

In information technology the world divides naturally into two spheres

1. Those who understand what they can never manage and

2. Those who manage what they can never understand

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