April 1, 2011

What The Hell Are They Building In There?

by Chris Randall

Let me state for the record that this is not an April Fool's prank. Homie don't play dat. This industry's habit of putting out fake press releases on April 1st is right down there with genital warts and Logic on my list of favorite things about the music industry.

Those PCBs are very real. And that's all I'll say right now.

In other news, we're forging ahead with dealing with the 64-bit Boondoggle. The easiest ones are done, and now we have to figure out how to deal with the old products. This is an especially difficult process with the oldest ones, since we've been coding the plugs with this Boondoggle in mind for some time, and the younger plugs (basically from Ronin's re-release on) are able to deal with it in a certain fashion. But anything before that (roughly half our catalog) has Issues that need to be Dealt With.

The upshot is that you'll see me saying "FUCKING LOGIC" on my Twitter feed a lot more often in the next couple months.


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Apr.01.2011 @ 4:22 PM
I'm with boobs.

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:30 PM
Oh this isn't fair, Chris knows we're all going to leap on this like there's no tomorrow. It's like he's tapped into our credit cards.

Speaking of which, when's the next T-shirt? My wardrobe's looking bare.

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:35 PM
Hmmm, boards are too small for anything substantial. The spacing of the pads at the top look more like some kind of connector for a ribbon cable than an IC. I'm going to guess AD is jumping into the DIY squelchy noisebox game somehow, or maybe it's some kind of mod for an existing piece of hardware. Anyway, I'm intrigued.

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:45 PM
beauty pill
This is totally exciting.

- c

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:45 PM
Chris Randall
@Mike Nickel: That's a loaded question, and I won't rant. Suffice to say that Logic is very broken. I see it all day every day. Since 10.6.6 / 9.1.3, 90% (at least) of our support queue is Logic related, which is interesting considering Logic users make up less than 20% of our user base. It is, quite literally, all I talk about every day.

Fucking Logic.


Apr.01.2011 @ 4:46 PM
Chris Randall
To everyone else, this is the bottom/back of the board. The other side has more shit on it. ;-)


Apr.01.2011 @ 4:52 PM
Mike Nickel
Sorry, wasn't trying to post a loaded question just to see you rant. I'm just really curious about how it's a top ten DAW and yet seems to cause so many problems. Was also wondering if it's a non compliance issue with standards or buggy in general or... But, I understand. I'll drop it.

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:52 PM

If you are playing the I dont play April Fools card and are playing one this is awfully fucked up.

..It's gonna be something simple that shits on all new modern roland if an instrument...but me thinking efx...

I did have a play with a v-synth the other day though... I wouldnt buy one but didnt hate it.

Apr.01.2011 @ 4:59 PM
Maybe you need a "FUCKING LOGIC" button next to the "I'M WITH BOOBS" button. Or a "Whiny plug-in dev" button. (Or a "fucking audio units" t-shirt for trade shows...? I probably just got him kicked out of NAMM.)

For a minute I was worried that the PCBs were related to the current generative bug music phase, but then I remembered that AD stuff is always musical.

Apr.01.2011 @ 5:01 PM
Solipsist Nation
I don't know what those are, but I totally want one.

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