November 7, 2005

The Manual Now Online...

by Chris Randall

Okay, don't say I never gave you anything. The KLF has put the entirety of their famous book The Manual (Or How To Have A Number One The Easy Way) up on their web page. Read this. Print it out and read it again. Memorize it. Seriously, this book is The Shit.



Nov.07.2005 @ 4:22 PM
i don't know if my music is worth taking a loan out for! Aww, man, too much work. Better to lounge and never make it as a musician. At least i'll never have to answer for burning a million dollars in cash to get some exposure (like dey did).

Nov.07.2005 @ 4:28 PM
That book confused my musicmaking alot in the mid 90's...

Nov.08.2005 @ 12:46 AM
Oh, great piece of work but it's been online for awhile:
link []">link []

An easy rewrite and this could be (Or How To Have A Really Sucessful Plugin Business The Easy Way).

Seriously, turn on MTV and see this still in practice to this very day.

Perhaps more than ever...


Nov.09.2005 @ 2:57 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
yeah. that's my favourite book about music ever.

second is either The Art Of Organ Building, vols 1-3, or the Oxford Dictionary of Music.




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