November 7, 2005

A (former) Competitor to Zimmerland...

by Chris Randall

Here is a Japanese site that has a mess of photos of the old Turnkey analog room in London. I'm not even going to try, really. It's too much. Here's a map of the room:

That's getting in to "Holy fucking shit" territory. It has all been sold off, and the room no longer exists, which is for the better. Note that the "Moog" above the Emu modular is actually an Elector Formant. Thanks to rasmus_nyaker for the link.




Nov.07.2005 @ 11:38 AM
I remember always being in awe when visiting that part of Turnkey :)

Nov.07.2005 @ 6:35 PM
I remember that!
Now it's all just boring keyboards and electronic drumkits downstairs.
Still, some of the modules are fun to play with.



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