September 3, 2010


by Chris Randall

Man, what a week. I've got about 85 things going on, and am trying to plow through it all. I had to get several of my photographs in to a state where they could be displayed for First Friday tonight, which involved drives to Mesa, several trips downtown, and haunting the aisles of Michael's looking for frames for some time. If you're in Phoenix, they're at the Just Breathe Gallery (and, not coincidentally, yoga studio. Every building in that area is Business XXX + Gallery, so it's not as strange as it sounds.)

That was a massive time suck, of course. I also had to go down to Chandler twice for things to do with our local Hackerspace, Heatsync Labs. This was a nerd-gasm of epic proportions, and the less said about it the better. But if you picture Phoenix as a person that is about 100 miles tall, we live around the eyebrows, and Chandler is that crust that grows on your feet if you spend too much time in a men's locker room.

Also too, somewhere in there I managed to get 90% of the UI make-over for Replicant 1.5 done. This is our first semi-major update to Replicant, and since this is our most popular product, we're rather reticent to add or remove any features. It won't be a huge make-over like the BS1-BS2 jump. The things I know it will have:

1. New UI. It will be losing its algae-colored knobfest and getting a UI that is in line with Axon and D3. The general layout will remain the same, though, so there will be no learning curve.

2. MIDI Note Trigger. We are making it so you can fire the events with MIDI notes instead of the sequencer, if you want. Still working on the mechanics for this, but it should make Replicant play much nicer with swung (swinged?) material.

3. In addition to the bitcrush thing, we'll be adding a sample rate reduction because, honestly, why wouldn't we?

That's about it for this update. The UI is the big part. It'll also get the 64-bit Windows treatment, and get all the current VSTGUI and AU tech so that the 64-bit OS X port won't be difficult when we're able to do that. It'll be a free update for all users.



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Sep.03.2010 @ 4:08 PM
@CR Awe... Jesus Wept? ;)

Just for future reference those would be two that I could see putting on my own wall.


Sep.03.2010 @ 5:49 PM
Computer Controlled
Are there actually improvements that CAN be done to Dub Station? It's awesome just as it is =o]

Sep.05.2010 @ 10:18 PM
Chris Randall
We probably won't be making any changes to Dubstation other than to update it with all the current plug-in tech, and update the little graphic on the bottom to be in line with current logotype stuff.

We are (one would think understandably) reticent to make major changes to the more popular plugs, which are Replicant, Dubstation, Automaton, ADverb, Eos, and Discord. We have fooled with Discord the most of all of them, obviously, but even then, there were some heavy changes in the first year, but once we got it to where it needed to be, it took us 4 years to work up the nerve to change it again. The only reason it has more revs than the others is that it is the oldest currently available plug-in we sell, going on just shy of 6 years since D1.0 came out.

So, this Replicant update is done with kid gloves, as it is our best selling plug, and we are loath to fuck with a good thing. But it needs it; it looks a bit dated, for starters, it needs to be updated to the latest versions of VST, VSTGUI, and the AU Kit for forward compatibility, and our framework has advanced quite a bit since we released it. But it isn't a Replicant 2 release. It's getting a couple small features, but it's nothing on the order of the BS1->BS2 jump or the D2->D3 jump.



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