September 3, 2010


by Chris Randall

Man, what a week. I've got about 85 things going on, and am trying to plow through it all. I had to get several of my photographs in to a state where they could be displayed for First Friday tonight, which involved drives to Mesa, several trips downtown, and haunting the aisles of Michael's looking for frames for some time. If you're in Phoenix, they're at the Just Breathe Gallery (and, not coincidentally, yoga studio. Every building in that area is Business XXX + Gallery, so it's not as strange as it sounds.)

That was a massive time suck, of course. I also had to go down to Chandler twice for things to do with our local Hackerspace, Heatsync Labs. This was a nerd-gasm of epic proportions, and the less said about it the better. But if you picture Phoenix as a person that is about 100 miles tall, we live around the eyebrows, and Chandler is that crust that grows on your feet if you spend too much time in a men's locker room.

Also too, somewhere in there I managed to get 90% of the UI make-over for Replicant 1.5 done. This is our first semi-major update to Replicant, and since this is our most popular product, we're rather reticent to add or remove any features. It won't be a huge make-over like the BS1-BS2 jump. The things I know it will have:

1. New UI. It will be losing its algae-colored knobfest and getting a UI that is in line with Axon and D3. The general layout will remain the same, though, so there will be no learning curve.

2. MIDI Note Trigger. We are making it so you can fire the events with MIDI notes instead of the sequencer, if you want. Still working on the mechanics for this, but it should make Replicant play much nicer with swung (swinged?) material.

3. In addition to the bitcrush thing, we'll be adding a sample rate reduction because, honestly, why wouldn't we?

That's about it for this update. The UI is the big part. It'll also get the 64-bit Windows treatment, and get all the current VSTGUI and AU tech so that the 64-bit OS X port won't be difficult when we're able to do that. It'll be a free update for all users.



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Sep.03.2010 @ 1:44 PM
swang. sounds brilliant.

Sep.03.2010 @ 2:04 PM
I offer swinging material.

Seeing as you're dipping into Replicant, is there any way to reduce clicks on non-beat material? Perhaps some kind of a slice/lag button somewhere to round the attack and decay ever so modestly, so as not to affect the general sound of the effect for the many already accustomed to it.

Oh, and good luck with the photo showing tonight.


Sep.03.2010 @ 2:59 PM
I would love it if you added the ability to control the chance of a repeat firing per step and not as a whole. Maybe the square could be colored in more? Thanks.

Sep.03.2010 @ 3:01 PM
Chris Randall
Once we release 1.5, and then do a bunch of other updates (Automaton, Eos, Dubstation, and about 15 others) we'll start thinking about Replicant 2. At that point, we'll be soliciting ideas. For now, what I said is what it will get, and that's pretty much that, I'm sorry to say.



Sep.03.2010 @ 3:04 PM
are all the updates getting the same new GUI? just curious ...

Sep.03.2010 @ 3:07 PM
I know I'm really stepping into it for saying this - but I miss the days when the interfaces were more experimental and fun.

I'm sure you have a whole bunch of good reasons for unifying your UIs, but I hope I'll never see a day when Dubstation comes looking like D3. I'm convinced that the DS interface makes my stabs at least 30% more interesting.


Sep.03.2010 @ 3:07 PM
Yeah, sorry to be the gimme gimme guy there. Close to twenty updates, that's quite a work docket. My sympathies to you and Adam, may it go as painless as these things can go.

Sep.03.2010 @ 3:08 PM
Chris Randall
No. The 3D plugs (Dubstation, Phase Two, 914, etc.) will just have the logotype replaced with the new 'botStuff, and the about screen updated. For the rest, it depends. The more popular plugs will have more attention lavished on them, for obvious reasons.

Part of the reason for doing things this way is that the hyper-dense UIs of the D3 style allow for a very easy-to-read-and-use UI that can be easily updated. For something like Dubstation, it's a couple weeks of work for me to move one knob a fraction of an inch. When we only had 5 products, this wasn't a big deal. Now that we have over 20, it's a very big deal.

Plus the density of the D3/Axon style UI allows certain things that would be essentially impossible in the Dubstation-style UI. How on earth would we do something like the Axon sequencer in 3D? We wouldn't, that's how. If anything, we're more experimental now.



Sep.03.2010 @ 3:43 PM
Sweet! Can't wait for tonight! Hope that intersections 1 and 13 are being displayed! Those are my two faves out of that series. The Mantis photos are pretty cool too!

I've purposely haven't shown your work to my wife so she'll come into viewing your stuff with new eyes.


Sep.03.2010 @ 3:45 PM
Chris Randall
Nope. It's four Intersections: 3, 4, 8, and 12. I didn't get 1 printed, and 13 is hanging on my wall.



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