November 1, 2005

Heater v. Guitar Amp, Round Two

by Chris Randall

Man, Tube Depot didn't waste any time getting me my speaker. High marks for them; it was the first time I'd bought anything from them, but not the last. I ordered the speaker on Friday afternoon, didn't select any special shipping, and it got here this morning. No complaints there.

The speaker itself is hillarious. It's just like any other Jensen MOD, but only 6" across. How funny is that? I want to make a 4x6 cabinet now. Anyways, as you can see from the picture, my calculations were incorrect, and the mounting holes are about 1/4" away from the speaker's flange. So I need to come up with some gee-gaw to hold it in place. Shouldn't be too hard to fashion something out of aluminum, so I'll rock that forthwit.

So, I'm just waiting for the package from Small Bear, and I'll put this little bitch together, and we'll see what's what.




Nov.01.2005 @ 3:22 PM
tom vx
i don't know anything about any of this, so i could be totally off base here, but wouldn't an aluminum mounting bracket make the amp resonate (or worse- buzz) with a metallic-ish ring? you'd probobly need something rubber between the speaker/bracket/case to prevent that. alternately, if you cut out a ring shaped piece of wood, mount the speaker to that, and then that to the casing you probably wouldn't run into those problems...

or i could just have a case of the CRAAAZZZIES! i dunno.


Nov.01.2005 @ 3:46 PM
Chris Randall
This whole thing is gonna ring like a bell, being completely made of metal. It will be the National Resonator of amps. So one little buzz more or less won't have much effect on the overall.



Nov.01.2005 @ 3:48 PM
"make the amp resonate with a metallic-ish ring?"

Good job this thing isn't mounted in, say, an old metal heater...


Nov.01.2005 @ 4:51 PM
What's your impetus for going with Jensen? From what I've seen of thier car audio, I'd be more inclined to pick their gear for say, dropping a deuce on, than actaully using it to produce sound.

Do they actually make something decent? Or is the fact that this project is based on an electric heater sort make choosing a Carver speaker a moot point?

Just wondering...


Nov.01.2005 @ 5:40 PM
Chris Randall
Well, I don't know anything about their car shit; in fact, it may be a different company altogether. But Jensen guitar amp speakers are fucking classics.

I assume from the context that you're referring to Carvin, not Carver. (The latter makes power amps. The former makes guitar shit.) Carvin is, without any doubt, the Behringer of America. In fact, I think it safe to say that Carvin gear is actually shittier than Behringer gear, on the whole. Some MetalHedz swear by their guitars. I mainly swear _at_ them, myself. Complete crap. Avoid at all costs.


Nov.01.2005 @ 5:49 PM
The previous post really got me wanting to make another Ruby, so I followed your lead and ordered a couple of those little MODs. I had no idea there was a 6"! My first cab is made of pine, is about 9x7 inches, and is upholstered in crushed velvet. *rubs hands together with glee*

Nov.01.2005 @ 6:01 PM
Chris Randall
Heh. It's on now! You're getting me back for the PSS470 Battle.

In any case, I did some research, and the Jensen that makes these speakers is, in fact, an altogether different Jensen than the company that makes shitty boomin' systems. So, let that be a lesson to you!

Here's a link to the Jensen we're talking about:

link []">link []



Nov.01.2005 @ 6:07 PM
Yeah, on second look, they must be different companies. And I meant Carver as in Carver Sunfire, but that would just confuse the issue at this point because I realize now that they don't produce loose speakers.

My brain done confused itself somewhere along the association path of MacIntosh car audio -> I believe Carver made a mobile crossover a decade ago -> Associated that with component audio -> thought Carver produced speakers.




Nov.01.2005 @ 11:03 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
dude you should have told me you needed a six inch Jensen. i've got three of them sitting on my parts shelf right now.

or do I? *goes off to check his manufacturer codes*


Nov.01.2005 @ 11:09 PM
Chris Randall
Shit. Just in case, so I don't make any more gaffs like that, I need the following:

A complete PPG system, including a Waveterm B, PRK, and Wave 2.3

A quad G5 with 30" Cinema Display

An Aston Martin DB7

24 channels of Euphonix convertors

A Neve Melbourne

An Eventide H8000

3 THAT2180LA VCA chips

A complete API summing rig

Various cables

I'm pretty much set up on the Jensen speaker situation, but if you have any of that other shit lying about, go ahead and send it Chris Randall, General Delivery, Mill City, OR 97360




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