October 30, 2005

Okay, here's the deal...

by Chris Randall

In the comments section of the entry on my PCBs, Lindon ponders on the following theme:

Whats that "Groove Tubes" *thing* in the background!?....grief and you complain about Mackie gear...I'm hoping its just some crummy catalogue they sent you or its ironicly being used as additional wrapping on you PCB's....otherwise my faith will have taken a dent. :-)

Here's what happened: I went in to Guitar Center (gasp, choke) to pick up some other shit, and saw that they were blowing the Groove Tubes Ditto Box out for $89. I figured "well, I always could use another DI. How bad could it be?"

The answer is "so shitty, you can't even sell it without feeling bad about it." It would actually be all right if it weren't for the nagging buzz/hum/hiss/whatever that completely overwhelms everything you run through it. That, and the fact that it generally sounds like roasted dog shit.

The thing is that I keep my studio on the chilly side. If I need to play keys, I have to warm my hands up. And as it turns out, aside from its other failings, the Groove Tubes Ditto Box makes a hell of a heater. God's honest truth, the only use I've found for this thing is to warm my hands. I've read good things about the Vipre, and that other t00b-a-thon they just released looks not bad, but the Ditto Box is one of the most amazing pieces of crap I've ever run a signal through. A Whirlwind Imp would be a better choice for DI than this.




Oct.30.2005 @ 9:28 PM
Vipre is pretty cool. Their mics and amps are also sweet.

Oct.30.2005 @ 11:28 PM
That's a fun story. It reminded me of the frigid computer room in High School where I learned how to program Pascal. We relied on the ambient heat of the CRTs to keep the ol' hand digits limber.

Oct.31.2005 @ 3:33 AM
I use my old PC and a G5 to keep me warm at night... :)

Nov.01.2005 @ 12:27 AM
You must have gotten a defective Ditto or GC is now selling cheap Ditto copies like the Chinese Oktava copies they sell. I have a couple of Dittos and they exhibit none of the problems you mention. I think they are actually pretty good DIs. Different than my Radial JDI and Millennia TD-1s to be sure, but very usable nonetheless.

Nov.01.2005 @ 5:59 PM
...oh a heater, well that's oright then. You get the worthless Lindon-stamp-of-approval, worthless but at least my faith is restored. Maybe I should get one 'cept it's 31C here right now, have you got anything I could use as an air-conditioner? :-)



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