October 28, 2005

ph34r m4 m4d h34t3r!

by Chris Randall

Here's an image of the most awesomest heater I found that is going to be turned in to a guitar amp, as I mentioned yesterday. I ordered all the parts from Small Bear Electronics, and went with a 6" Jensen MOD from The Tube Depot for speaker purposes. I took out the guts of the heater and measured, and unless my calculations are horribly wrong, two holes of the speaker's mounting flange line up perfectly with the screws you see on the front that hold the heating element in place.

I'm gonna keep the fancy c. 1950 cloth power cord, and put a 12V wall wart inside the case. (The Ruby amp I'm building runs off 12V DC, as it happens. Or 9V. Take your pick.) I got some really nice blue knobs that more or less match the color of the blue-grey hammertone finish of the enclosure, so it'll look pretty spiffy, I think. All the parts will be here on Tuesday, so we'll build then, and see how things work out.

My other Big Project to finish before I start the GSSL is rack-mounting a Midines system. I picked up an NES today with all the accessories for $5.00. All I need otherwise are the rack enclosure, the Midines cart, a couple nice buttons, and a lot of patience. Then Peter Kirn will owe me a Nintendo DS, and that'll be cool. Although, in the long run it may be easier to just buy the DS.




Oct.29.2005 @ 5:06 PM
I've been thinking about trying out the MidiNES. Pleaas post some pics of the project. I might try it once I get done building my MidiBox SID synth.

Oct.29.2005 @ 5:28 PM
Chris Randall
Yeah, once I finish the project, I'll put up a detailed instruction guide, with tons of photos. No worries there.





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