October 26, 2005

Breaking news: Behringer CA16

by Chris Randall

In a stunning development, Behringer, a world leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of professional audio and musical instrument products, today announced the imminent availability of the CA-16 High Precision Professional Tube-Driven Ass, an ultimate multi-function ass-modelling workstation. Each CA-16 is is equipped with a hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube with UTC technology for exceptional warmth, lowest noise and signal integrity.

In addition, the CA-16 features ultra-flexible ass modeling technology that allows the user to quickly optimize recordings and choose between 16 different open cans of analog ass. The CA-16 also features direct injection and cheek-size functionality, to allow the user to fully shape the ass to suit the project at hand. The CA-16 features BEHRINGER?s sophisticated output limiter that enhances signal distortion, while a dedicated low cut filter eliminates unwanted flatulance.

The CA-16 will be available Q1 of 2006, for an MSRP of $19.99. Like all Behringer cans of ass, this product will come pre-opened at the factory.



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Oct.26.2005 @ 8:42 PM
"please release this as a plugin (RTAS or TDM)"

Don't forget AU!

...i jest!


Oct.27.2005 @ 1:28 AM
penzoil washington
you mean RTASS, don't ya parasitk?

I am actually tempted to buy 2 behringer products:

the 4 channel headphone amp HA 4700, mainly as it has XLR in AND thru, so that I can use a stereo aux send on my Studer console for cue when tracking and as an fx send when mixing without repatching. I think it's the HA-4700.

Also, their 4 channel rackmout transformer DI box, I forgot the name.

Very Bad Idea? If anyone's used these, please comment. THanks.


Oct.27.2005 @ 3:03 AM
tom vx
"Very Bad Idea? If anyone's used these, please comment. THanks."

very very bad idea.

my honest opinion on behringer- ten years ago- before "mixing in the box" and all that- behringer products were a cheap (in all aspects) alternative to just about everything you would find in "THE STUDIO" (OOOH!!!)

mixers, compressors, EQ- behringer made it- and CHEAP!

"WOW! i can have a full studio now!!!"

...and the name caught on. they kept making everything AND it was the least expensive thing in musicians friend- everyone could afford them. every tascam/fostex 4-track guy had a behringer something or another in his setup. there was no internet, no tape-op, no one to tell us what was what... it was all trial and error and most of us tried them out.

it's the same thing right now- any 16 year old with cakewalk and a job is looking for some cheap gear, and behringer is the cheapest on the market- the new fire wire thing is the perfect example of this.

if you can afford the next step up, do it- you will be SO much happier in the long run. if you can't and you REALLY need it then i guess go for it...

i personally (as a former entry level behringer user) would urge you to weigh your options first and explore every possible avenue.


Oct.30.2005 @ 9:43 PM
Cain Torst
Old thread I know, (-and- I'm backtracking) but, has anyone seen/used or have an opinion of this?

Fireface 800
link [pcaudiolabs.comil.as...]">link [pcaudiolabs.com]

I mean, it looks like a pretty sexy little piece of interface. I fear making such a hefty purchase with no brand familiarity or additional information though.


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