October 25, 2005

Cheese Pt. 2

by Chris Randall

As you can plainly see, I'm now running the Specdrum inside the excellent Spectaculator emu, courtesy of shamann. This thing is the tits, really. It sounds so awfully bad it's good, you know? I'd put up an MP3, but my fucking miserable Mbox won't cooperate, and the emu won't record the output of the Specdrum.

Note the "PEOW" sample, #5. It is aptly named.

UPDATE: Okay, I've managed to record the output of the Specdrums program by the simple expedient of running cables. So, without further ado, I give you a ZIP file with some loops showing the Specdrum in all its glory. For some reason, it is mentally impossible to program anything but the most banal rock and electro loops with this. I even put a special one in there for Tom from MusicThing. 1 Meg Of Glory Awaits!

UPDATE 2: As if this subject actually warranted two updates. Shamann has put up a ZIP with all the sounds from all four drum kits, because he is a Special Child, and obviously hasn't taken his meds today. So, between those two files, I think that's probably about all the Specdrum action one could take.




Oct.25.2005 @ 7:57 PM
I've been hooked on this thing since you pointed it out earlier.

Since there are no sample sets floating about, I've recorded all the hits from the four kits.

Get them in a zip here and share them with your friends:

link [www.sighup.ca]">link [www.sighup.ca] Kits.zip

I just did an audio out capture, so levels aren't adjusted or anything fancy.



Oct.25.2005 @ 8:00 PM
Seemed to have typed a space in the link.

Here's the proper one:

link [www.sighup.ca]">link [www.sighup.ca]


Oct.26.2005 @ 3:13 AM
HAHA, this thing looks great.

Thanks for the samples.

I made a short track with the Original Kit samples.
Specdrum Pee Pee:
link [www.nothinggg.co...]">link [www.nothinggg.co...]



Oct.26.2005 @ 4:17 AM
I'm so touched. This thing rocks. I wish I'd had done more with it when I was 14...
Anyone got the Currah ?Speech speech synthesizer running yet?

Oct.26.2005 @ 4:53 AM
Sean Elliot
that isn't the whole story though - i also had one of these back in the day (it was my 'main' birthday present one year:-)
and i seem to remember that, as well as the drum sequencing app, you also had the ability to run a signal live through the interface and 'process' it via a digital delay (a separate program that was loaded from tape).
i spent countless hours running taped loops and mic'd vocals through the delay (whose delay time was typed in to a single box and could not be adjusted in any way other than to type in another number...)

i remember i hooked the output up to the amp section of my record player (!) on a halloween night and proceeded to scare the crap out of people as they came to the front door with my eery 'echo demon voice'...

this was a technological marvel when you're only about 7 or 8 (i forget how old this thing is...)



Dec.22.2006 @ 4:23 PM
wadfm radio
Hello there

i recently just finished a new version of specdrum software for the pc roughly the same interface you can load drumkits in with the song you can have 5 lines of data instead of 3 (like specdrum) and its written in c++ 10 sounds instead of 8 i have 8 kits available the original specdrum ones resmapled though to 44khz so they sound crispier Afro kit Electric kit latin kit , pearl export kit Standard Kit, just working on tb303 t909 and a few others. My program i have written is called wadrum2006 you cant beat it really for drum programming nowadays when you use sonar or cubase and tap out a rythm you can never get it on time even with the quantise or human quantise feel if you want to try my program out i will be happy to send it to you its around 8meg full install with all kits and some demo songs in the package give me a shout. Please note works on anything upto xp2003 having a little problem with vista at the moment something to do with the dll 16/32 as vista cant emualte it what a pile of pooh lol :) thanks for listening


Dec.22.2006 @ 4:34 PM
wadfm radio
here you go i have a song i created with my version of specdrum and i used a workstation keyboard for the bell sounds and saw wave have a listen see what ya think

here is the link to get the song

link [www.wadfm.com]">link [www.wadfm.com]


and happy christmas by the way

lee b


Dec.23.2006 @ 9:19 PM
wadfm radio
message to sean,,,

i think your referring to the ram music machine

with the doo da da doo doo da doo doo da doo doo tune and sample with the live echo onboard and the tune was called boogie

you can get this software from the world of spectrum and other software for the spectaculator emulator previously mentioned

here is the link for the ram music machine (great memories)

link [www.worldofspecum.or...]">link [www.worldofspecum.or...]

thats the hardware

and here is the software link available in the tzx format

link [www.worldofspecum.or...]">link [www.worldofspecum.or...]

you will see an image on the right does that ring a bell lol

happy xmas


Apr.18.2009 @ 1:28 AM
Hello all,

If anyone has devloped this interface so that it hooks up to a standard midi interface do let me know. I loved using it 20 + yeras ago!!



Apr.18.2009 @ 1:28 AM
Hello all,

If anyone has devloped this interface so that it hooks up to a standard midi interface do let me know. I loved using it 20 + years ago!!





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