October 24, 2005

Oh shit! Hold me back!

by Chris Randall

Tom from Music Thing A different Tom thought I wouldn't bite on this. He seems to think we're too high-brow over here at Analog Industries to be bothered with such mundane gear. However, I have no pride, so in the interests of proving that point, I give you this, the World's Most Style-Free Recording Studio, up on eBay in its entirety, for the low, low price of $2450. (And not a penny goes to waste, as you'll soon see.) I'm fairly rolling in mundanity with this one. Marvel at 48 (!!!!) channels of quality Eurodesk! Shimmer with anticipation at the sight of an Ultradyne! Giggle with schoolgirl glee at the possibility of owning not one, no, not just one, but TWO M-Audio Delta 1010 interfaces!

Seriously, though. You have to start somewhere. I'm not a snob or anything... okay, well, yes, I'm a snob.



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Oct.25.2005 @ 11:25 AM
link [www.internetauduy.co...]">link [www.internetauduy.co...] (Another google ad)
The guy on the leftmost banner frightens me.

Nov.02.2005 @ 11:13 AM
You guys crack me up.......I AM the guy who owned all of this gear....Never said it was a NEVE or SSL setup.....thus the price it all sold for on Ebay. Yes, the Proverb is old, The Alto is second rate and Sonar was NOT running on the 1.2 in my ad. Yes, the Behringers are "Pro-Sumer" consoles....definitely not Professional gear.....However...First....What is wrong with the Delta's ? Secondly...The CD that was produced with this gear is being sold and receiving airplay worldwide. Might want to read the reviews and actually listen to the product before you comment on the quality of the gear. Not sure if you guys own large budget studios, and if you do, that is terrific. However.....fine results can be achieved on lesser equipment guys......Most groups aren't signed to major labels with big budgets to record on. Yes, who doesn't want an SSL...but how many of you can afford one? So you guys are saying that because I recorded an album on Behringer consoles, that the production sucks? Please reply.....Thanks.....Brian

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