October 24, 2005

Oh shit! Hold me back!

by Chris Randall

Tom from Music Thing A different Tom thought I wouldn't bite on this. He seems to think we're too high-brow over here at Analog Industries to be bothered with such mundane gear. However, I have no pride, so in the interests of proving that point, I give you this, the World's Most Style-Free Recording Studio, up on eBay in its entirety, for the low, low price of $2450. (And not a penny goes to waste, as you'll soon see.) I'm fairly rolling in mundanity with this one. Marvel at 48 (!!!!) channels of quality Eurodesk! Shimmer with anticipation at the sight of an Ultradyne! Giggle with schoolgirl glee at the possibility of owning not one, no, not just one, but TWO M-Audio Delta 1010 interfaces!

Seriously, though. You have to start somewhere. I'm not a snob or anything... okay, well, yes, I'm a snob.



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Oct.24.2005 @ 6:51 PM
Bwahahah, and people actually bid on this kind of sh&t!

Ah, 96 channels of noise on mixdown will give your studio a certain
signature-sound though!
And if that's not enough, you can sweeten your mix with some
serious reverb tools like Alto and Art...
To top it all off, 'master' it through the Utradyne... you won't
recognise your mix anymore!

Pitty that Sonar isn't included in the sale, probably the only decent
piece of gear... but then again, you'd have some trouble running it
on the 1.2Ghz/256Mb PC ;-)

Oops... did I sound negative?


Oct.24.2005 @ 6:54 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
what would your opinion of this setup be if he was using the B-Ringers for mixing his DAW stuff OTB from the pair of deltas?

does that give you an headache? hmm "crap digital mix buss" vs "B-Ringer analogue mix buss". ooh i can't wait till someone does that A/B for gearslutz.

btw, he's wrong on the ART piece being 7 years old. it's from 1988. don't ask me why i know that.


Oct.24.2005 @ 6:59 PM
</I>what would your opinion of this setup be if he was using the B-Ringers for mixing his DAW stuff OTB from the pair of deltas?</I>

That's probably what he's doing anyway... and I was thinking the
same about the mix-buss comparison :)

I hope he bought the B&ringher desks at the same time, because
nobody can be forgiven to buy one, and then later buy another
one :)


Oct.24.2005 @ 7:07 PM

they are from Behringer matched pair series. both guaranteed to suck the life from your mix within an .002% tolerance.

Oct.24.2005 @ 7:13 PM
And soon they'll be vintage! Then people will start talking about
opamp mods and transformer replacements

Eh... do those desks use transformers anyway? Maybe just check
a Mack*e schematic to see if they do, bwahahah!


Oct.24.2005 @ 7:15 PM
By the way, great set of google-adds generated from this blog :)

I think Analogue Industries really loves to be associated with
"UK B*hringer Stockist" :)

Oct.24.2005 @ 7:20 PM
Chris Randall
Well, take the B-hr-ng-r stuff out of the picture for a second. My favorite quote from the auction is this gem:

"Recognized around the world as the top choice in host-based PCI digital audio solutions, the rack-mount Delta 1010 is designed to handle the needs of the most demanding project and professional studios."

My question is thus: recognized by whom? The top choice how? I can think of about 10 PCI-card-based convertors I'd rather have than that stellar piece of dog shit. I would think, of PCI solutions, the TOP choice would be PT. After that, well, let's see... there's the MOTU PCI stuff, the Hammerfall and its brethren, etc. Gawd. Kill me now.

The only way the Delta 1010 could handle my needs is if my needs included a paperweight or doorstop. And then, I'd just probably use a ZX81.


Oct.24.2005 @ 7:35 PM
tom vx
ok guys, let's get real here- if you look at the guy's website (www.brian-haskins.com) he clearly states how one can get superb results with fine pieces of equipment such as these.

i quote: "In addition, don't be fooled by gear. If you are recording to digital, and your engineer knows what he is doing, you may not need a $ 935,000.00 SSL or Neve console as the front end."



Oct.24.2005 @ 9:47 PM
Crashon DeLamuzed
"The long anticipated solo release from Theresa Michaels and Brian Haskins titled "Do You Feel Lucky" is available now at your favorite retailer."

"solo" ?


Oct.25.2005 @ 8:14 AM
I do believe that proverb is older than '88, but hey who's counting. And no slagging on the ZX81! It's a rockin' computer :) Anyone remember the ZX drum kit (came in a suitcase IIRC)?

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