October 23, 2005

PSS Battle!

by Chris Randall

The fun continues here at Analog Industries, where (despite all evidence to the contrary) we know how to fucking party! It seems our friend J. Robert Lennon unwittingly threw down the gauntlet when he posted a link to his PSS-only track in the comments of the last post.

Well, I'm certainly not going to be outdone on my own website, so I've gone and penned a four-minute (and change) PSS-470 Odyssey, a bizarre mish-mash of IDM, progressive house, and what could only be described as dubdustrial. As if I had nothing but time on my hands, really. So grab yourself an MP3, and lean back and enjoy a powerful combination of a $2.00 yard-sale keyboard and several thousand dollars worth of outboard. Take that, Mr. Lennon!

Who's next? Who wants to join the PSS Battle? Two men enter, one man leaves!




Oct.23.2005 @ 12:49 PM
You're definitely winning at this point! That doesn't sound at all like a $2.00 keyboard!

Oct.23.2005 @ 2:41 PM
Wade Alin
Better watch out, I'm hitting the thrift stores tomorrow.



Oct.23.2005 @ 3:36 PM
Chris Randall
Heh. Now I'm in trouble. There's half a dozen on eBay right now:

link [search.ebay.com]">link [search.ebay.com]



Oct.23.2005 @ 3:47 PM
Chris Randall
Also, it's worth mentioning that the PSS-460 is almost exactly the same, as far as I can tell.



Oct.23.2005 @ 4:25 PM
OK, you win!!!! But it's Inverse Room to you suckas. ;-)

Oct.23.2005 @ 10:46 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
good track.

Oct.24.2005 @ 8:58 AM
HA! That rules...Thrift stores and yard sales here i come...


Oct.24.2005 @ 11:38 PM
That hammering/tinging sound is very neat. That's a built-in sound? It sounds rather taped.

Oct.25.2005 @ 1:23 AM
Chris Randall
There are a _lot_ of effects on that track. That particular hammering sound is one of the stock noinks in the keyboard->Blacet Klangwerk->Blacet Time Machine->Neumann PEV EQ->TLA tube d.i./pre, then a little taste of the Princeton 'verb. So, that $2.00 sound ran through about a grand and a half worth of shit to get to the point where it was "neat."



Oct.25.2005 @ 11:22 AM
I figured as much. It has a very real feel to it. Once I'm rich, I'm definitely going to have to pick me up some of them Blacet devices.



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