October 19, 2005

What's in your dream studio?

by Chris Randall

I was just wondering what the de rigeur Dream Studio was these days. I'm referring mainly to your computer/DAW/converters/summing/outboard highlights, rather than the stacks and stacks of synthesizers/guitars/sackbuts you all desire. There are a lot of options these days for assembling a system, and if I had unlimited funds, here's what I'd get:

Computer: A loaded Alienware MJ-12 dual-core Opteron box.

DAW: Nuendo, of course.

Convertors: Euphonix AM 713 and MA703, plus an RME MADI PCI card. Yeah, I think 24 channels of Euphonix conversion would do me just fine. Alternately, I could live with an Apogee AD16X and DA16X, plus an RME Hammerfall, or a pair of Rosetta 800s plus a Big Ben, if I wanted to slum it.

Summing mixer: Neve 8816, and that goes without saying. Or the Aurora Audio GTM-822, if I got the Apogee convertors.

Outboard: I think one of these would set me up pretty nicely, quite frankly. Plus a 2016. And the API 2500 compressor would round out the picture well.

Monitors: a pair of Adam S3As would be just the ticket.

So, that's my dream system. I'm looking at a pretty healthy chunk of change there, so I either need to win Powerball, or get a production job that pays something besides, like, a ball of yarn and a dose of goodwill.




Oct.19.2005 @ 3:35 PM

quad g5, 4gig ram (though if want to really dream, why not get all 16GB of ram), two 30" screens. may as well pick up that raid array too on a fiber channel.

DAW: logic (I know I like pain). someday, I'll get around to trying nuendo or DP again.

let's pretend that lynx has an aes-16 for pci-express. i'll need 2.
LavryBlue 16 channels of AD/DA (I could accept Aurora 16).

i'd run 8 channels for summing and another 8 for outboard IO. i'd also run 4 channels of aes between the kyma and the computer (though in theory I could simply use via the core audio, I think the actual overall performance would be better via aes)

as for summing. hmm. i still really like the look of the chandler. the speck lilo is also super appealing but we are headed for console land then. a super sick dream is to built a rack mixer out of pendulum quartet II or api 7600 summed down to something like the api 8200.

monitors. i never got to hear the S3a's when i went on my monitoring demo mission last year. i did audition a set of S2.5s and Air15s side by side and chose the dynaudios over the adams in the end. given a pimp setup, I'd take a set of S3As for two channel and a full Air20 surround setup. The surround sound would be driven off an aes card (lynx) and the adams would have a dedicated DA (benchmark or lavry). of course, i'll need some ns-10s to complete the look ;)

more reasonable and what my core setup will look like in a few months:

new: powermac g5 (torn between the new super pimp or an older one so I can use existing PCI cards)
existing: Air15s (driven off the kyma aes)
existing: kyma ADA

i am considering a new ADA/summing setup with towards the new toft console plus firewire when it is out next spring. that is a potentially interesting combination of ADA, summing, and incorporating external routing/equipment. otherwise, i'll have to try out apogee or lynx and a look around for a speck ssm or something similar.


Oct.19.2005 @ 3:37 PM
DAW/Computer: Pretty much all I have right now (maybe upgrade to dual-dual G5 :) ...oh, and another 23" Cinema Display...
Convertors:Apogee AD16x and DA16x
Summing: Master Acoustics S16 (after all, it's made in Belgrade and has support for Apogee)
Outboard: Yep, Eventide too...
Monitors: Adam S4VA (though S3's would do) + some (3) more Dyn BM6A's and a woofer to make a 5.1 setup...suitable monitoring controller too :)
Synths: a nice analog modular (dotcom) and a VCS3 or Synthi AKS... :)

Oct.19.2005 @ 11:28 PM
Wow, I actually feel lame for pretty much liking my studio as it is.

Oct.19.2005 @ 11:34 PM
My entire Recording Theory I class has to do an in depth project on our "Dream Studio" We get $500,000 for the layout of the studio and $500,000 on our gear. It is really interesting how much each studio is different and everyone's opinions on gear. Some people like me spend more on DAW systems while some others focus on more analogue/tracking systems. I just hope no one puts yamaha gear as their main console....oh the shame.

Oct.20.2005 @ 2:17 AM
Monitors: Lipinski L707's driven by mono blocks
Converters: Weiss DAC1 MKII / ADC2 x4
Mixer: The new Wunderaudio desk
Pres: API Box, Shadow Hills GAMA pres,
Recorder: iZ Radar Nyquist
Compressors: Shadow Hills mastering comp, LA3A, Distressor, ADL 670 Stereo Tube Limiter
EQs:D.W. Fearn VT-4 , Crane Song IBIS Mastering EQ, Fairman TMEQ
Mics: Neuman everything


Oct.20.2005 @ 3:00 AM
Blue Snowball USB mike, the new Access Virus that hooks up as a plug-in over USB, a top line Mac with Reaktor, Reason & Digital Performer, Quad II power amps and some massive hand crafted horn speakers with Tannoy dual concentric drivers. Plus some kind of funky looking valve (tube) outboard & mixer to look nice, warm up the sound, and heat the room.

Oct.20.2005 @ 6:29 AM
I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Here's the dream stuff I have and want...

What I have:
- Summing: Dangerous 2B LT
- Converters for Summing: Apogee DA-16
- Main Converters: Cranesong HEDD
- Outboard: API 525 compressor, Shadow Hills Mono Gama pre-amp (it's coming soon)
- Software: Digital Performer, Tritone plugins, UAD-1 plugins, URS plugins, PSP plugins

Still left to buy:
- Monitors: Truth Audio TA-1A
- Computer: some top-line G5 that still accepts my UAD card.
- Outboard: A-Designs P-1 pre-amp and REDDI DI, Purple Audio Biz pre-amp and MC77 compressor, Skibbe Red Stripe compressor, M?eller S4000G bus compressor, SPL Transient Designer 4, Tab Funkenwerk V71DI, and some more shit...

This is the core bit of gear - also doesn't include any microphones, but I have a list of those too... Also this is the realistic and attainable dream setup, if I let myself REALLY dream.... *sigh*




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