October 13, 2005

The Most Flyest, Awesomest Keyboard Of All...

by Chris Randall

Okay, persuant to our conversation of yesterday, here is the result of my extensive research in to what would constitute the best keyboard to control Nuendo, Photoshop, _and_ 3D Studio Max. This is the single most amazing keyboard/worksurface/whatever that is available, the Optimus OLED keyboard included. From Euphonix (yeah, that Euphonix) and monikered the MC, it features a full 101-key keyboard, a trackball, a jog wheel, four motorized faders, 8 assignable knobs, and 56 (yes, that's fifty-six) "smart switches," with little LCD screens in them that show their current function. Oh, did I mention the built-in touchscreen?

The assignable macro keys will work with anything, and the fader section is a HUI emulator, which will work with any application that can use a HUI as its control surface (which is all the DAWs that don't completely suck.) It is really happiest with the Eu-Con version of Nuendo, and has some specific features (monitor controls, talkback, etc.) that work only in a Eu-Con environment, but in short, this is the most bad-ass, configurable, smooth looking keyboard/controller/whatever on the face of the earth, and is completely without peers. I can't find a price anywhere, and it's too late to call Euphonix and ask, but I imagine it is in the realm of "if you have to ask..." Seriously, though. Now that I've seen this, I don't know how the fuck I ever got on without it. I wonder how much I could sell one of my kidneys for. They've only been slightly abused.




Oct.14.2005 @ 7:40 AM
But there's no, you know, keyboard. Like as in music keyboards.

Oct.14.2005 @ 8:44 AM
A price was mentioned on Gearslutz a while back, something like $20,000+ USD.

Oct.14.2005 @ 12:56 PM
... 4 faders?



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