October 13, 2005

AD: Phase Two update...

by Chris Randall

Adam just sent me a working (mostly) iteration of the upcoming Audio Damage plug Phase Two, our clone of the Mutron Bi-Phase. No UI yet, and some of the features aren't working, but let me just say that it sounds good. Like "OMG" good. I must bow down and pay homage to the designers at Mutron, who definitely knew a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to phasers. (Or "phasors," in Mutron parlance.)

I'm not normally one to use a phaser on much. I was posessed to do this clone because it seemed like a worthy challenge, not because it was something I needed or wanted (like DubStation or Discord.) Adam has always been a big fan of the Bi-Phase, so he was all over it. However, now that I've heard this little fucker, I'd have to say that it is, in fact, the shiznit in all respects. I'll begin doing the UI today, and Adam will finish the major coding here in a week or so. Then it's on to testing, and we've got ourselves a product. (Of course, the least fun part of the project, porting to AU, still lies ahead, but we've got that mostly hacked by now.)




Oct.13.2005 @ 5:13 PM
Looking forward to it!

So what's the deal with AU? Why's it such a drag to port it to that format...?



Oct.13.2005 @ 5:28 PM
Chris Randall
Because Apple couldn't give two shits about developers that don't work for Apple. The API is incredibly poor when it comes to documentation, which means every time you have a problem, you have to sift through mountains of posts on the CoreAudio list to find the answer, and it is usually for a version of the API from two years ago.

Because it is so poorly documented, every host impliments certain features differently (because the people that wrote the hosts ended up hacking features they couldn't figure out). So if you want to make something that works in Logic, Live, DP, and Peak, you have to spend hours and hours testing, and when you fix something on one host, it stops working on the other three.

On top of that, it keeps changing with every OS upgrade, and AUs with UIs are intrinsically tied to Quicktime, which changes all the time. VST is homogenous, and if something works in Cubase, it almost certainly works everywhere else. It is incredibly well-documented, and there is a ton of source code on the 'net. The examples that Apple provides with the SDK for AU don't even compile most of the time, and the way they impliment features is usually different than the way the (thin) docs say.

In short, it's a fucking pain.



Oct.13.2005 @ 5:30 PM
woo...I can't wait for it...dubstation is already on my to-buy list...

and please port it to AU for us Logic folk...


Oct.13.2005 @ 5:51 PM
Chris Randall
Oh, it'll be AU. Don't worry about that. Simultaneous release of AU/VST for OSX and VST for Windows.



Oct.14.2005 @ 2:21 AM
Wow, I had no idea the AU situation was so fucked. Well, thanks for going the extra distance.



Oct.14.2005 @ 3:09 AM
yep...I kinda thought it was the other way (AU being well documented)...ah well :(

Oct.14.2005 @ 5:31 AM
Ditto -- didn't realize that AU was such a pain in the ass. Now I appreciate what you do even more. Plus, it explains why you still haven't ported FuzzPlus2 :)



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