October 11, 2005

Putting my money where my mouth is...

by Chris Randall

So, today I ordered PCBs for the Gyraf clones of the SSL 2-buss compressor and Urei 1176 compressor. I figured if I was gonna talk all that shit about people being better off going DIY for certain pro audio needs, I better practice what I preach. The boards for both compressors were a total of 23 Euro including shipping, which isn't much. I ordered them from Gustav Of Denmark, via the thread on Prodigy-Pro.com. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress, but expect much comedy to ensue.

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Oct.11.2005 @ 8:12 PM
Good luck. I'm 99% through my 1176, but it's not working correctly. And Gyraf doesn't know why. Gulp...

Check out the trace cut for the original Gyraf board that eliminates the ground loop. Or order an Mnats board that doesn't have that problem.

Good G1176 sites (besides Gyraf and The Lab):

link [www.nrgrecording.d...]">link [www.nrgrecording.d...]
link [www.geocities.co...]">link [www.geocities.co...]




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