October 11, 2005

And from the WTF files...

by Chris Randall

I literally stumbled in to the Sintefex Audio page on accident. I meant to click one Google link, and clicked a different one by mistake. I feel like I accidentally walked in to the ladies restroom, inasmuch as it's kind of cool for a second, but I really wouldn't want to stay for any length of time...

The above picture is apparently the FX8000 Replicator, which aside from having a name right out of a mid-90s sci-fi movie, seems to be something along the lines of the Focusrite Liquid Channel. I don't know if it is all that, but it has a weird quality that makes me want it, in that way that I want anything that hardly anybody else has. I wonder if they actually made any.


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Oct.11.2005 @ 11:26 AM
Focusrite actually used the Sintifex technology to create their
Liquid Channel.



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