October 9, 2005

DIY Day pt. 2 - Carpentry 101

by Chris Randall

Here we see the console I started last weekend. As you can see, it is pretty much done. All I have left to do is bore the holes for the cables of the various items that live on its surface (e.g. monitors, speakers, etc.) and paint it. I'm actually going to get the paint here in a minute, so chances are good I'll finish this today. In keeping with the theme of Shaolin Fist Of Death Studios, it will get an oriental laqueresque kind of treatment, black with red trim. It should look utterly ridiculous.

For the curious, the whole project took 1 1/2 sheets of 5/8" plywood, a Skillsaw, a jigsaw, some wood glue, finishing nails, and a hammer. And a lot of sanding. Note my fly-ass left-handed hammer. One of the many ways I get back at righties on a regular basis. ("Hey, can I borrow your hammer?" Heh. Sure.)




Oct.09.2005 @ 12:50 PM
eerily reminiscent of a Mellotron cabinet, on first glance

Nov.20.2005 @ 12:05 AM
Would you mind divulging the plans for this project?



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