October 9, 2005

DIY Day pt. 1 - Modular Madness

by Chris Randall

I'm calling Sunday DIY Day, for today at least. Time to update on my recent projects. I finally finished my second DIY module for my Blacet modular, a Digital Noise module from CGS. In the picture, you can see my snazzy panels for the Psycho LFO and Digital Noise modules from Front Panel Express.

I still have to get the tiny LEDs that go above the binary outputs, as you can see, but it is otherwise done. Works like a charm. Total cost to build on the Psycho LFO was about $38, and for the Digital Noise about $44 (the panel cost more; more holes in it.) These are easy-to-build modules. The hardest part of the whole operation was ordering the capacitors.




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