October 9, 2005

AES: Roll Music Super Stereo Compressor

by Chris Randall

This is one I've been waiting to see. There was a "coming soon" on the Roll Music page for ever and a day about this box, and lo and behold, it dropped at AES. It is quite obvious that it can trace its lineage from the Gyraf SSL 2-buss compressor clone straight to the SSL stereo compressor, putting it in the same family as the Alan Smart C1 and C2. The main difference appears to be the addition of a high pass filter. Price is unknown, but this is one to watch if you need a good 2-buss compresser (and of course you do) and don't want to take on the rather daunting task of building the Gyraf clone for yourself. Since it is coming from Roll Music, it won't be that expensive. I bet it will be under a grand, or right around there.

EDIT: I think it is important to note that my comments above viz. the Roll compressor being a descendent of the GSSL clone were based upon Justin's comments on his own web page. After reading several threads at the various pro audio forums, I personally am convinced this bears no resemblance to the GSSL other than superficially. So, I take back what I said. The people that have heard it say it sounds amazing, as well. The GSSL sounds like an SSL, which isn't necessarily "amazing."


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Oct.09.2005 @ 2:23 PM
i saw this yesterday at AES; justin had one open to show off the guts, which were high quality, and another hooked up to demo.

while it shares the same VCA with the gyraf/SSL mixbuss comp, justin has done a LOT of tweaking. what he ended up with is a comp that doesn't sound much like the SSL or variants thereof; it is more of its own thing. the VCA may be the same, but the circuit telling it what to do, and the rest of the analog signal path are very different from the usual SSL crowd.

so, for all that work that went into coming up with something different, i heard justin will be asking substantially more than a grand, tho i'm not sure there is a final price yet.





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