October 7, 2005

AES: PreSonus Inspire

by Chris Randall

PreSonus just dropped a spanner in the FW interface market with the INSPIRE 1394, which has mic pres, instrument inputs, and phono (!) inputs 'round the back. The big news is that it retails for less than $200. Why am I posting this here? Well, the INSPIRE is the first PreSonus product to include their new Propak, which is a software package containing the usual suspects. However, it is the first mass-produced product to contain Audio Damage plug-ins. The Propak includes FuzzPlus2 (which is already free, of course) and the Filterpod plug-in from the Mayhem package.

Now, we don't normally cotton to this sort of thing, as my faithful readers well know, but two factors weighed on our decision. First, PreSonus is cool. They make good products for low prices. Second, we get some totally animal exposure out of the deal, because this INSPIRE jobby is gonna move some units, being the first FW audio interface worth a shit under two bangers.




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