October 7, 2005

AES: Free compressor plug from SSL!

by Chris Randall

SSL just dropped this bad boy, a free VST/AU clone of their famous listen-mic compressor. You can grab it here. Mac only, sorry to say.



Oct.07.2005 @ 10:38 PM
Is this thing impossible to download, or am I just really dumb? I've "bought" it through their sotre, clicked on the link in their email, and no dice.

Oh now I see it, "order status is pending." So I can't download the free plug-in I just bought for nothing until they verify my non-payment?


Oct.08.2005 @ 12:16 AM
Chris Randall
I think SSL has released the first free plug-in to be warezed.

SSL: Good At Hardware, Not So Hot At E-Commerce.



Oct.11.2005 @ 2:09 AM
I "ordered" it and didn't even get the e-mail. WTF?





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