February 29, 2008

I made me one of them-there records...

by Chris Randall

My fifth album as Micronaut, Callisto, is now available for purchase in shopPOSI.Download only, as you recall we gave up pressing CDs for Lent. The download comes in the form of either an "alt-preset-standard" VBR MP3 or FLAC, your choice.

As an aside, long-time readers will remember that this album was entirely recorded (but not yet mixed), lost in a tragic hard drive accident, and re-recorded. Frankly, this is for the better, because all I had were memories of the first iteration, and the stuff I could remember was generally better than the stuff I couldn't, it would stand to reason. While this sort of nonsense is incredibly annoying at the time (I actually sat on the couch saying "fuuuuuuuck" for about three days) it is really quite cathartic. I wouldn't necessarily recommend wiping a hard drive as a solution for a creative impasse, but it is worth considering, I guess.

In any event, if you feel the need to support this site, and you aren't merrily buying everything that Audio Damage makes, you could do worse than to grab an album. Not only do you support my filthy, filthy habits, but you get something out of the deal.




Feb.29.2008 @ 2:26 PM

I will say my "rock" band was taping all of our song writing sessions for a while so as not to forget or lose any great parts. After a while we decided that any parts we couldn't remember for a month or so weren't worth keeping anyway and the music got much better for it. I think there is such a thing as recording too much and not letting the ideas grow naturally.

Good luck with the record, I'll have to check it out.


Feb.29.2008 @ 3:42 PM
BS Fuller
>I wouldn't necessarily recommend wiping a hard drive as a solution for a creative impasse, but it is worth considering, I guess.<

Funny. I'm imagining a new edition of Oblique Strategies featuring a card that simply says, "Wipe the drive."

Anyways, I'm digging what I'm hearing so far.



Feb.29.2008 @ 4:25 PM
Sounds great,
I wish i had the time and abillity to work on a complete album,
My current rate is about one EP a year... :)

On "pin" do I hear the 914 moog filterbank on that perc. sound? :P


Feb.29.2008 @ 4:39 PM
Wow, it sounds amazing. Even playing out of iTunes and the built-in MacBook Pro output to speakers, "Rapid I Movement" has incredible imaging. This was mixed in Nuendo with your Apogees?

Great album. Already beats the last 5 electronic albums I bought.


Feb.29.2008 @ 4:50 PM
Chris Randall
Cubase 4, actually. Mix was C4->Rosetta 200->Adam A7. _Very_ light 2-buss compression on both the mix and the mastering. This is an entirely ITB mix. All the synths were recorded with the Rosetta; anything that needed a mic pre (i.e. 1/4" outs) went through Averil 312 pres. The MKS80 obviously has balanced outs, and went right in to the Apogee.

I should mention that there are no soft synths on this album. 100% of the synth stuff is MKS80, Moog The Source, Evolver, and MonoMachine, with the exception of a few basslines that came from either a real bass or soniccouture's Abstrakt Bass collection. The drums are either samples from one of the soniccouture sets or MachineDrum, where appropriate.

Reverb is either Reverence or Eventide Eclipse, depending on taste. Usually the former. The only plugins used are Audio Damage and Sonalksis, except for the rare occasion where I used a built-in Cubase plugin. I hardly ever do, because, well, they suck balls.





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