February 24, 2008

P-Pop goes the weasel, the weasel...

by Chris Randall

Outstanding ping-pong ball + wine glass robotic orchestra. Via Makezine. Go see it in person at 186 Orchard st. in NYC. Don't know if they've programmed any 3rd Bass in it, but that's the logical progression...




Feb.25.2008 @ 2:17 AM
What next, machines that play music?!!

Feb.25.2008 @ 6:09 AM
I'm not always too impressed of weird and fun projects like this since they often manage to feel more like cool proof-of-concept works than finished pieces (perhaps due to limited budget which this one probably didn't suffer from)...

But seriously, this one is fucking awesome. I think my jaw just dropped to the floor.


Feb.25.2008 @ 7:17 AM
Its Animusic come to life!

link [www.youtube.com]">link [www.youtube.com]


Feb.25.2008 @ 7:23 AM
I was just thinking of 3rd Bass this morning! At least someone else remembers them...

Feb.25.2008 @ 9:11 AM
No Gas Face for Professor Prince P-aul!

Feb.25.2008 @ 2:35 PM
raoul duke
have some of those go go girls in thailand been hired to fire the ping-pong balls?

Feb.26.2008 @ 9:55 AM
Adam Schabtach
I thought of the Animusic thing also, but WTF with the iPod commercial at the end?





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